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We know that it isn't always easy to make a claim against your employers. You may enjoy working there, have been there for years, feel a sense of loyalty. You may be worried about the repercussions.  But, if you are injured as a result of negligence by your employer, think about the facts.

Your employer owes you a duty of care. This includes taking every possible step to keep you safe from harm. It is a legal obligation and you are within your rights to pursue a claim for compensation following an accident at work for which you were not to blame.

You are carrying the cost. You may suffered a loss of earnings, have paid travel or medical expenses, or just be suffering from an injury which could have long term consequences, whilst to your employers it’s quickly business as normal.

Your injury may be the fault of another employee, but your employer is responsible for their actions.

Your claim should not cost your employers anything. They will have employers liability insurance and the insurers pay your compensation.

If you instruct us to make a claim we write to the insurers and all communication is with them, not with your managers or bosses.

Accidents at work should be taken seriously, and that’s by you as well as by your employers. If no-one records and claims for injuries on the basis that they are “not serious enough” then your employers will not feel compelled to improve Health and Safety procedures and your lack of action contributes to poor standards which in turn could lead to a more serious accident to another employee.

We understand that you may be worried, but speak to us before making a decision. Take legal advice, and take it from work accident compensation claims solicitors who specialise in industrial accidents.


Thank you again for everything, I am so happy that I can finally look towards the future and start drawing a line under the accident and putting it in the past where it belongs...I don't think I've felt this happy in ages, it's like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders just knowing that it's all done.

Miss M, London 

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