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Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome from cancer. Negligent mistakes in misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis and delay in treatment of cancer can change a curable disease into a fatal disease.

Our medical negligence solicitors are highly experienced in helping clients who have experienced cancer negligence or have had a cancer misdiagnosis. We have helped clients rebuild their lives after they have suffered significant worsening of their condition or where cancer care negligence has led to the loss of a loved one. 

What are cancer medical negligence claims?

When a patient has cancer, timely referral, tests, and investigations and treatment can make the difference between a return to health and ongoing quality of life or radical treatment and, sometimes, death.

Cancer medical negligence claims are claims for financial compensation to help meet needs and deal with the consequences of negligent medical cancer care. If there has been a negligent mistake in a patient's cancer investigation, diagnosis or treatment which has resulted in a worse outcome for the patient a claim for financial compensation can be made.

What mistakes lead to cancer negligence claims?

The most common mistake that leads to cancer claims is a delay in diagnosis of cancer. Typically, the patient will present with signs and symptoms which should be considered by the medical professional (often a GP) as possibly caused by cancer. A referral for investigation should be made. However, often the signs and symptoms could also have a non-cancer cause and the medical professional negligently fails to consider cancer as part of the differential diagnosis and make a referral for further investigation. Mistakes also occur in the speed with which further investigations take place, the speed with which treatment is given and the type of treatment given.

The NHS gives patients with signs of cancer the right to urgent referral and treatment, as delays can:

  • increase the extent and severity of the condition;
  • allow the cancer to spread to other areas of the body (metastasis);
  • lead to the patient needing more radical treatment with greater side effects;
  • reduce the patient’s chance of survival;
  • increase the chances of recurrence;
  • increase ongoing pain and disability;
  • cause or increase psychological injury;
  • result in the patient’s death.


Starting your cancer negligence claim

Where the patient’s condition and its consequences are made significantly worse by negligent medical treatment, the affected individual, or their bereaved dependant family, may be entitled to compensation.

Our experienced medical negligence teams can be contacted by phone or by email and will provide no obligation, free initial advice and will outline the claims process.

To help investigate your cancer claim, we will obtain medical records, any investigation documentation and treatment protocols. We will then take a detailed witness statement from you and others as necessary, and instruct independent medical experts to consider the care you received and the consequences for you of the failings in your care.

The defendant may accept responsibility for your injury as a result of negligent care, and we may be able to negotiate the appropriate compensation award at this point.

If settlement is not achieved, we will start court proceedings and take your case towards trial, keeping the defendant under pressure to agree settlement of your claim. Over 95% of cases succeed without the need for trial, but every case is prepared on the basis that a judge will need to decide all the issues in your claim that the defendant has not admitted.

Cancer negligence & misdiagnosis claims frequently asked questions

Why choose Boyes Turner?

Our clients receive the highest standards of advice and representation and are always treated with compassion, outstanding care and understanding of the physical, emotional, psychological and financial impact that life-changing injury can have upon their lives.

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What types of cancer claims are there?

Cancer misdiagnosis claims can vary from incorrect treatment, late diagnosis or even falsely diagnosed.

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Compensation for cancer misdiagnosis or negligent medical care

We have recovered substantial sums in compensation for clients whose cancer was negligently treated, resulting in:

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Cancer claims resources

Cancer claims news

Cancer claims cases

£800,000 compensation for the bereaved partner and children of a 28-year-old woman who died  from ovarian cancer and its spread (metastasis) to other areas of her body, after years of negligent hospital failure to correctly diagnose and remove an ovarian cyst. After liability was admitted we secured an interim (advance) payment of £20,000 to ease the family’s financial hardship whilst we worked with our client and experts to value the claim.

£800,000 compensation for a client who developed cervical cancer after hospital and GP delays in reporting a smear test and referring her to a gynaecological specialist. She required intensive chemo-radiotherapy which left her with permanent, severe pain and psychological injury. We overcame the  defendants’ denial of liability and secured judgment for our client and a negotiated settlement.

£700,000 compensation for our client after hospital failure to follow up abnormal smear and biopsy results led to cervical cancer. Correct treatment would have avoided cancer. Instead, she suffered an early caesarean section to deliver her baby, chemo-radiotherapy with severe side effects, and has ongoing pain, fatigue, infertility, premature menopause, urinary and bowel dysfunction and psychological injury.  We secured interim payments of £50,000 earlier in the case to pay for therapies and treatment and ease financial hardship.

£575,000 compensation for a client who suffered recurrent cervical cancer after a hospital’s  inadequate reporting of colposcopy histology samples led to a series of missed opportunities to investigate, diagnose and treat her cervical cancer. Our client was left with physical and psychological injuries as a result of the recurrence and its treatment with chemo-radiotherapy.

£250,000 compensation settlement for the bereaved family of a young woman whose cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment were negligently delayed when a GP failed to refer her for a follow-up smear test. Chemo-radiotherapy treatment was initially thought to be successful, but she suffered a recurrence of the cancer and, despite intensive treatment, died 12 months later.

£265,000 settlement in a fatal claim arising from delayed diagnosis and treatment of a young woman’s cervical cancer.

£122,000 compensation for a client who suffered an extravasation injury, causing pain, blistering and permanent weakness to her dominant arm,  during chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

£750,000 compensation for a client who suffered cervical cancer needing radical chemo-radiotherapy after a biopsy and follow up smear test were incorrectly reported. She has been left with severe and debilitating bowel dysfunction, bladder problems, pain, nausea, premature menopause and a psychological injury, and is at increased risk of recurrence of the disease.

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Meet your specialist team

Our specialist Cancer negligence & misdiagnosis claims team are considered leaders in the field and have a significant amount of expertise.
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Susan Brown


Julie Marsh headshot

Julie Marsh


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Richard Money-Kyrle


Sita Soni headshot

Sita Soni

Senior Associate - solicitor

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Vanessa Wand

Senior associate - solicitor

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Rachel Makore

Associate - solicitor

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Tara Pileggi-Byrne

Associate - Solicitor

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Alpa Rana

Associate - solicitor

Fran Rothwell

Fran Rothwell

Associate solicitor

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Ben Ireland


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Alice Carley


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Nicky Melville


Audrey Elmore headshot

Audrey Elmore

Medical records coordinator

Susan Brown photo
Julie Marsh headshot
Richard Money-Kyrle headshot
Sita Soni headshot
Vanessa Wand photo
Rachel Makore headshot
Tara Pileggi-Byrne photo
Alpa Rana headshot
Fran Rothwell
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Alice Carley headshot
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Awards & accreditations

Our medical negligence and personal injury teams have been nationally recognised for over 20 years because of their expertise, empathy and commitment to securing maximum compensation for our clients.

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What our clients say

"Amazing support"

Fran has been an amazing support through a very difficult time for me and my family. Always available to speak and kept me in the loop with anything happening, she has been so kind, and I thank her so much for helping and getting my mum the justice she deserved.

Ms Alison

"Honest, approachable and truly empathetic"

What has to be some of the most testing horrible times was dealt with in a dignified, honest, approachable and truly empathetic manner. I could not begin to do Susan justice for her handling of our case.

Boyes Turner Client

"they kept us fully informed "

I approached Boyes Turner after my claim was turned down by one of the Medical Negligence Claim company. My wife was a victim of medical negligence.

Boyes Turner have acted so efficiently on our behalf and was able to win our case. Anytime we contact them, their customer service was very good as they kept us fully informed of every level our case has developed. They are very friendly and approachable and great in their professional advise. I would strongly recommend anyone approach them for their legal and medical negligence services.

Boyes Turner Client

"Thoroughly professional, knowledgable and approachable"

Thoroughly professional, knowledgable and approachable with communication and updates as and when needed, in what can be a drawn out process, I was always comfortable asking questions and always received answers which were clear and understandable. Highly recommend

Boyes Turner Client

"Amazing professional firm"

I came to Boyes Turner desperate after searching the web for a firm to use for my sons case. He was only a few months so my mind was all over the place, but from the very first point of contact I felt a sense of relieve and belonging. I was welcomed and looked after by amazing staff who always communicated everything so well and went the extra mile to explain things and ensure I understood what was happening every step of the way (THANK YOU SUSAN BROWN). Susan was amazing I felt like I not only had a solicitor but someone who understood my emotions as a mother and always handled me with so much compassion and that was all I needed to keep me going for the 6 years of the case. Years went by in a breeze because of how professional Boyes Turner was. I am so greatful I went through it all with them and mananged to get my son a good compensation. We look forward our new life where my sons needs are priority after struggling for so long. Thank you Boyes Turner and thank you Susan Brown. My family and I are ever indebted.

Boyes Turner Client
Rated Excellent 4.8/5