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Negligent care during pregnancy, childbirth or the first few days of a newborn baby’s life can cause brain injury and lifelong disability from cerebral palsy.

We have further information on our specialist cerebral palsy website please click here.

Our experienced cerebral palsy claims lawyers understand cerebral palsy, its causes, and the way it will affect the child throughout their life. We support parents through the difficult conversations, investigations and decisions that follow a baby’s brain injury diagnosis. We secure early, substantial interim (advance) payments from the NHS or private hospital maternity team which caused the child’s injury, to meet their needs whilst the claim is ongoing. Each child’s needs arising from their condition, now and in the future, are carefully considered to ensure that they receive their full entitlement to compensation.

Led by Legal 500 ‘Hall of Fame’ accredited specialist, Susan Brown, our team are top-rated for the results they achieve for our clients. Their reputation for excellence is built upon decades of experience in helping brain-injured children and their families rebuild their lives after they are injured by negligent pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal care.

We achieve admissions of liability and maximum value settlements, structured to guarantee the best provision for each client’s individual needs, now and throughout their lives. Along the way, we can usually obtain substantial interim payments.

Working with our Court of Protection deputyship team, we can then begin to meet the child’s urgent needs, such as for care, therapies, suitable accommodation and specialist equipment. Our special educational needs (SEN) team can help with school placements and educational support.

Many of our client families continue to draw on our practical help, knowledge and support long after the conclusion of the compensation claim.

Important information for families contacted by NHS Resolution Early Notification Scheme (ENS) or HSIB

If you are contacted by NHS Resolution or HSIB after the birth of your child, we advise you to contact us for free, confidential, specialist and independent advice straight away. Your child may be entitled to claim substantial compensation.

Most recent cerebral palsy cases

  • £21 million compensation settlement for a teenager with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Our client’s hypoxic brain injury was caused by multiple midwifery mistakes during labour and delivery. The defendant hospital admitted negligent care but denied our client’s claim that correct action taken ten minutes earlier would have avoided the permanent injury to our client’s brain. When we pushed the defendant to disclose expert medical evidence to justify their defence of the claim, they admitted full liability.
  • £19 million compensation settlement for a child with dyskinetic cerebral palsy caused by hypoxic brain damage during delays in her delivery. Early in the claim we obtained an admission of liability, an apology and a £200,000 interim payment to meet our client’s urgent needs whilst the claim was ongoing. Our client’s settlement was paid as a lump sum plus lifelong, annual payments.
  • £13 million compensation for a young woman whose neurological disability was caused by a partial lack of oxygen to her brain in the hours leading up to her birth as a result of negligent midwifery care. She has hidden, severe intellectual and psychological problems with moderate physical disability. Despite incomplete birth records and the defendant’s delays we secured an admission of liability, letter of apology, interim payments totalling £550,000. The final settlement, paid as a lump sum plus lifelong annual payments, will enable our client to live independently with full-time support.

For all our cerebral palsy cases visit our specialist site here.

Free advice, Legal Aid and no win no fee funding options for cerebral palsy compensation claims

We offer free advice for those with cerebral palsy and other severe disability, or for their parents, who want to find out whether they are entitled to make a claim for compensation. 

Our funding options for cerebral palsy claims guarantee that there will be no cost to you to investigate your claim.  Our experience means that we are one of the few firms entitled to offer our clients Legal Aid funding, or, if it’s right for you, handle your claim on a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) ‘no win no fee’ basis.  

We help parents who are contacted by HSIB after cerebral palsy caused by negligent care before, during or after birth

We strongly advise parents who are contacted by HSIB (Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch) about the events which took place during pregnancy, labour, delivery and after the birth of a baby, to contact our cerebral palsy solicitors immediately for free, confidential, specialist advice.  Your child may be entitled to substantial compensation.

NHS Resolution has contacted me after my child’s birth – Boyes Turner can also help with NHS Early Notification Scheme claims

If NHS Resolution contacts you after the birth of your baby, we strongly advise you to contact our claimant (acting for the patient) cerebral palsy specialists, free and in confidence, for legal advice straight away. Your child may be entitled to claim substantial compensation.

It is important that parents understand that NHS Resolution is the organisation which defends the NHS against medical negligence claims made by patients. They act for the NHS and assess claims from the defendant’s point of view. You may be entitled to claim, even in circumstances where NHS Resolution denies liability. In our experience, around 50% of our successfully settled claims begin with NHS Resolution denying responsibility for the child’s cerebral palsy.

What are the benefits of making a cerebral palsy compensation claim?

It costs nothing to find out from our friendly, cerebral palsy specialist solicitors whether your child is entitled to compensation. If you think your child’s condition could have been caused by negligent care before, during or after birth, that call could open the way for a lifetime of essential care and provision, and the security of guaranteed financial support.

Compensation can’t reverse the condition, but it can make a huge difference to the injured child’s life in a way that parents may not be able to imagine in the early months and years of the child’s life. Cerebral palsy isn’t progressive, but its effects become more obvious as the child develops, creating physical and financial challenges which parents increasingly find hard to meet.

Here are a few of the benefits our clients gain from making a compensation claim:

  • Clear, straightforward information about the child’s condition, its cause and its likely future effects;
  • In many cases, an admission of liability and apology from the hospital;
  • In many cases, money to relieve financial hardship and meet immediate needs, whilst the claim is ongoing;
  • Support from a case manager with coordinating essential provision and recruiting and managing additional help with care;
  • Specialist advice, practical support and financial help with renting, buying or adapting a family home which is suitable for the child’s disability;
  • Financial help with paying for private therapies and medical treatment;
  • Support from our special educational needs (SEN) specialists in securing school placements and educational support;
  • Support from a professional deputy in managing and accessing necessary funding;
  • Expert support for the child during life-stage transitions, such as from school to college, or from home to supported  independent living;
  • Knowing that there is money available to plug the gaps in NHS, social care and educational provision;
  • Settlements which combine lump sums and guaranteed annual lifelong payments for care, providing flexibility, security and peace of mind.

What is cerebral palsy?

What compensation can you claim for a child with cerebral palsy?

What negligent causes of cerebral palsy lead to compensation claims?
When should you contact a solicitor if you think your child has a cerebral palsy claim?

Cerebral palsy cases

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"You have given fantastic support and guidance"

Boyes Turner have a great asset in Julie Marsh, she has handled my case with such professionalism and has kept me informed at every stage over the 6 years. She has given me guidance, support and that personal touch where I could ring or email at any time and she would always answer and give me answers to any questions I had. Would recommend without hesitation. Thank you

Boyes Turner Client

"I have been impressed"

“Tara Byrne kept me well informed at all stages of my claim. I have been impressed with the way my case was handled, and the time scale within which a settlement was reached.”

Boyes Turner Client

"Very Professional "

Boyes Turner helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. They were very professional whilst remaining friendly. At times the process was emotionally tough but they were very patient with me and went through everything with me until I understood it. I cannot recommend them enough. 

Boyes Turner Client

"We cannot thank Susan and her team at Boyes Turner enough"

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Susan and her team for the level of commitment and dedication shown to our family during a time which would be difficult for anyone. Susan demonstrates a calm professional manner which helped us to feel at ease. Her level of knowledge has proven to be the best in the field and we fully recommend her to anyone seeking to investigate birth injury claims. You can be confident that Susan and her team will scrutinise the medical notes thoroughly and will keep you well informed throughout the process. We are very pleased with the outcome of our child’s case and know that her work has resulted in justice being achieved. Our family will now be able to move forward in the knowledge that the finances are securely in place for our child to receive a suitable care package, purchase equipment and receive necessary lifelong therapy. We cannot thank Susan and her team at Boyes Turner enough.

Boyes Turner Client

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Fran Rothwell"

I would like to say a huge thank you to Fran Rothwell for the exceptional work that she has carried out on my behalf. She is knowledgeable, efficient and has great attention to detail.Fran has kept me informed throughout the entire process and has been a great support to me, always being at the end of the phone, or on an email, whenever I needed her. She truly wants the best for her client and is passionate about getting justice. Fran also has a kind and compassionate nature and takes her time to explain what is going on in a clear and simple way. This has been extremely helpful to me during a difficult time.It is certainly reassuring having such strong women behind me.

Boyes Turner Client