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Written on 22nd August 2016

Boyes Turner’s neonatal brain injury lawyers secured a liability (fault) judgment in a claim against a hospital for a child whose brain was injured as a result of untreated neonatal jaundice.

Like many newborn babies, our client developed jaundice in the first few days after his birth. Jaundice is common in newborn babies and often resolves by itself but must be carefully monitored in case treatment is needed. Treatment for jaundice usually involves phototherapy (treatment with a special type of light). In more serious cases, an exchange transfusion may be needed. If a baby’s bilirubin levels are not properly monitored, and are allowed to exceed safe levels, the baby’s brain may be permanently damaged. This type of brain injury is known as kernicterus.

In this case the hospital staff failed to treat our client’s rising bilirubin levels. He suffered a kernicterus brain injury and permanent disability from cerebral palsy.

We put our client’s claim for compensation to the defendant hospital, which admitted responsibility for causing our client’s injury. We obtained a court judgment and interim (advance) payments to meet our client’s immediate needs. The proceedings are now on hold until he is old enough for the full extent of his injury and his long-term needs to be assessed, to ensure that he receives his full entitlement to compensation.

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