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For more than 30 years, Boyes Turner’s medical negligence solicitors have helped individuals and families whose lives have been devastated by negligent hospital or GP treatment rebuild their lives through their entitlement to claim compensation.

What counts as medical negligence?

Medical negligence, also known as clinical negligence, is substandard treatment of a patient by a healthcare provider, such as:

  • a GP (general practitioner);
  • a doctor;
  • a nurse;
  • a midwife;
  • a pharmacist.

Why choose Boyes Turner?

We are known for obtaining the highest compensation awards and our track record of successful settlements speaks for itself.  In the last 12 months we have recovered over £100 million in compensation for our clients. 

Richard Money-Kyrle


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We are known for obtaining the highest compensation awards and our track record of successful settlements speaks for itself.  In the last 12 months we have recovered over £100 million in compensation for our clients. 

How our solicitors can help you

How do I know if I have a claim?

Where a healthcare professional is employed by an NHS or private healthcare organisation, their employer usually takes responsibility for their mistake. Most NHS employees’ claims are handled, defended and/or settled by NHS Resolution. In some cases, particularly where the healthcare was provided privately, the doctor or other healthcare professional may be indemnified and represented by their professional defence organisation (such as the Medical Defence Union or the Medical Protection Society).

Patients have a right to be compensated for injuries (and their financial consequences) which are caused by unacceptable errors in their medical treatment. Healthcare professionals have professional indemnity insurance, either through the NHS or their own insurers, to cover them for compensation claims in the event that they make a mistake which results in injury to a patient.  

Medical negligence can occur in any area of healthcare. Most commonly, we act for clients whose serious injury arose from negligent:

  • maternity care (obstetric and midwife care of mother and baby);
  • neonatal care (within the first few weeks of a baby’s life);
  • GP (general practitioner) misdiagnosis and delays;
  • oncological (cancer) errors and delays;
  • surgical and anaesthetic errors and delays;
  • A&E (accident and emergency) misdiagnoses, mistakes and delays;
  • cardiology;
  • vascular care;
  • orthopaedic care;
  • hospital care.

Whilst most mistakes cause temporary harm or distress to the patient, some negligent errors result in serious injury and permanent disability. These life-changing injuries affect every aspect of the injured person’s life, including their independence, mobility, ability to communicate, self-care, work and participate in social and leisure pursuits. Their lifespan may be shortened and they may become totally dependent on others for care to keep them safe and healthy, and for assistance with all the usual activities of daily life. 

Our clients who have been severely injured/disabled by medical negligence have suffered:

  • cerebral palsy and other birth-related brain injury; 
  • maternal childbirth injury;
  • serious neurological injury and learning disability from infection or neonatal brain injury;
  • brain damage from brain haemorrhage/intracranial bleeding/haematoma, clots and stroke;
  • amputations from meningitis, septicaemia/sepsis, peripheral ischaemia, negligent diabetic care, anticoagulation and surgical errors;
  • paralysis, pain, impaired function and psychological damage from cauda equina (spinal cord compression), spinal tumours and surgical/traumatic spinal injury;
  • pain, disability, impaired function, reduced lifespan and psychological damage from cancer;
  • cardiac damage from undiagnosed heart attacks or misdiagnosed cardiac conditions;
  • bowel injury, peritonitis and sepsis from surgical error;
  • permanent, severe disability from delayed diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB);
  • brain injury and psychological damage from anaesthetic errors;
  • nerve injury from surgical errors;
  • severe disability from medication/prescribing mistakes and anaphylaxis.

We also help dependent families claim compensation where their loved one died as a result of medical negligence. Compensation can ease the financial hardship that often follows the unexpected death of a parent or partner, providing some relief for our clients at this extremely difficult time.

Why use our medical negligence solicitors for your claim?

Our nationally acclaimed medical negligence lawyers are recognised by Chambers Directory and Legal 500 as leading experts in clinical negligence. Our clients receive the highest standards of advice and representation and are always treated with compassion, outstanding care and understanding of the physical, emotional, psychological and financial impact that life-changing injury can have upon their lives. 

We are known for obtaining the highest compensation awards and our track record of successful settlements speaks for itself.  In the last 12 months we have recovered over £100 million in compensation for our clients. 

Our highly experienced medical negligence lawyers have the proven skills to succeed in high value, complex claims involving catastrophic injury and severe disability.

Interim payments to aid recovery

We work hard to secure early admissions of liability. This enables us to obtain substantial interim payments to begin easing the financial hardship which often follows a devastating injury. We use interim payments to make a real difference to the injured person and their family by getting care, rehabilitation and therapies underway as soon as possible. Depending on the client’s injury, we can help meet their needs for:

  • personal care and assistance;
  • physiotherapy;
  • occupational therapy;
  • speech and language therapy;
  • psychological counselling;
  • adapted accommodation;
  • wheelchairs;
  • transport;
  • prostheses;
  • assistive technology and other specialist equipment. 

By understanding and targeting provision for our clients’ individual needs early in the claims process, we help restore our clients’ mobility, independence and ability to participate fully in family and social life, long before the claim has concluded.

Educational and workplace support

Depending on the type of injury, we can also facilitate our clients’ access to educational and vocational (workplace) support. We work closely with our special educational needs (SEN) specialists to achieve the right school placements for our disabled child clients. 

Medical negligence compensation

Each client’s settlement is carefully negotiated to ensure that it makes the best provision for the injured client’s own personal needs, by one or a combination of payment methods, including:

  • lump sum payments
    • for capital costs, such as adapted housing or vehicles;
    • for contingencies;
    • to provide flexibility and choice in how the money is spent.
  • annual periodical payments (PPOs)
    • to provide a regular tax free income;
    • to guarantee income for care and provision for lifelong needs;
    • index-linked to keep up with inflation and rising costs;
    • for financial security and peace of mind.
  • interim payments
    • to maximise the benefit of early rehabilitation;
    • to provide early relief from financial hardship;
    • to help buy and adapt accommodation;
    • to provide seamless care and therapies;
    • to buy essential specialist equipment.
  • provisional damages
    • to provide the right to additional compensation for potential future (but not yet present) deterioration. 

We work closely with our deputyship and personal injury trust team to ensure our clients get the most out of their settlements.  We provide friendly but professional management of the day to day administration of the client’s funds, ensuring that the requirements of the Court of Protection are met. 

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"Very Professional "

Boyes Turner helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. They were very professional whilst remaining friendly. At times the process was emotionally tough but they were very patient with me and went through everything with me until I understood it. I cannot recommend them enough. 

Boyes Turner Client

"We cannot thank Susan and her team at Boyes Turner enough"

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Susan and her team for the level of commitment and dedication shown to our family during a time which would be difficult for anyone. Susan demonstrates a calm professional manner which helped us to feel at ease. Her level of knowledge has proven to be the best in the field and we fully recommend her to anyone seeking to investigate birth injury claims. You can be confident that Susan and her team will scrutinise the medical notes thoroughly and will keep you well informed throughout the process. We are very pleased with the outcome of our child’s case and know that her work has resulted in justice being achieved. Our family will now be able to move forward in the knowledge that the finances are securely in place for our child to receive a suitable care package, purchase equipment and receive necessary lifelong therapy. We cannot thank Susan and her team at Boyes Turner enough.

Boyes Turner Client

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Fran Rothwell"

I would like to say a huge thank you to Fran Rothwell for the exceptional work that she has carried out on my behalf. She is knowledgeable, efficient and has great attention to detail.Fran has kept me informed throughout the entire process and has been a great support to me, always being at the end of the phone, or on an email, whenever I needed her. She truly wants the best for her client and is passionate about getting justice. Fran also has a kind and compassionate nature and takes her time to explain what is going on in a clear and simple way. This has been extremely helpful to me during a difficult time.It is certainly reassuring having such strong women behind me.

Boyes Turner Client

"The journey with Julie was interesting! "

From a speculative inquiry to a life changing award, the journey with Julie Marsh was interesting. Julie kept me informed along the way explaining exactly what was going on and more importantly why. The team that was assembled certainly knew their stuff which meant I got all the necessary support to keep going. Thank you all. 

Kevin Ridsdale

"Successfully negotiated a full and fair compensation"

Boyes Turner staff were always helpful and quick to respond. Communicating from the other side of the world presented no problems. Boyes Turner secured generous early interim payments that allowed me to continue my (non-funded) medical treatment that otherwise I could never have afforded. My Boyes Turner solicitor successfully negotiated a full and fair compensation and continuation of funding for future medical treatment and associated costs giving me great peace of mind. Thank you so much Annabelle! I would recommend Boyes Turner solicitors. They are professional, courteous and helpful.