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Our specialist obstetric negligence solicitors have helped many mothers claim compensation after they have suffered injury as a result of medical negligence during or after giving birth.

How our clinical negligence lawyers help mothers who have been injured in childbirth?

Our obstetric and maternal injury specialists have over 30 years of top-level clinical negligence litigation experience and are nationally recognised and accredited as leading experts in these complex claims. Our impressive track record speaks for itself. Our commitment to our clients’ highest interests has earned us the respect of top barristers, doctors, therapists and case managers, and other lawyers, including our opponents.

We guarantee our clients the highest standards of advice and representation, drawing on the understanding that we have gained from decades of successful claims, to ensure that each client recovers the highest compensation for their injuries. 

Our past clients tell us, however, that what they valued most was our lawyers’ friendly, empathetic support. We take great care to understand each client’s injury and the needs that arise from its physical, emotional, psychological and financial impact on their life.

Whilst we work hard to secure the judgments, interim payments and settlements which can help ease the hardship associated with serious injury, our clients can rest assured knowing that their claim is in safe hands.

What is obstetric negligence?

The medical field of obstetrics relates to the care that is given to women in pregnancy, during childbirth and immediately after birth (post-partum care). Doctors who specialise in obstetrics are known as obstetricians.

Compensation claims arising from medical negligence at birth often focus on the catastrophic injury suffered by the baby but maternity mistakes can often leave the mother with serious injuries too. Maternal injury can be life-threatening. A mother’s injury can also be devastating to the family as a whole, especially where it leaves her permanently injured, unable to return to work or care for herself, physically or psychologically unable to care for her children or unable to have more children in future.

Where a woman has suffered severe injury caused by obstetric errors, anaesthetic mistakes or midwife negligence in childbirth, whether or not her child has been injured, she may be entitled to claim compensation.

Negligent mistakes in childbirth which often lead to obstetric or midwifery negligence compensation claims include:

  • negligent management of high-risk pregnancy, including:
    • pre-eclampsia;
    • VBAC (vaginal birth after previous caesarean);
    • maternal diabetes;
    • maternal epilepsy;
    • Rhesus incompatibility (mother and baby have incompatible blood groups);
    • group B streptococcal infection;
    • twins/multiple pregnancy;
  • negligent management of obstetric emergencies or complications, including:
    • placental abruption;
    • haemorrhage;
    • uterine rupture;
    • fetal impacted head;
    • shoulder dystocia (size of baby disproportionate to mother’s pelvis);
    • vaginal breech delivery;
    • cardiac/vascular complications.
  • delays in delivery;
  • negligent use of instruments, such as forceps;
  • hyperstimulation from syntocinon;
  • failure to manage, recognise and adequately repair perineal injury;
  • negligent anaesthetic management, including:
    • awareness;
    • anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction);
  • negligent postnatal care, including anticoagulant management.
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What types of maternal injury lead to obstetric negligence compensation claims?

Mistakes in maternity care can occur at any time during the mother’s care in pregnancy (antenatally), during labour and birth, and immediately after birth (postpartum).

Injury may be caused by the negligence of one individual, such as a midwife or obstetrician, or as a result of lack of communication and teamwork between healthcare professionals of different specialisms across a number of different healthcare settings (such as GP surgery, antenatal clinic, labour ward).

Whether the injury is caused by an individual, a team or as a result of failed communication, the mother is entitled to compensation for the injury that she has suffered as a result of negligence in her maternity care. Where medical negligence results in maternal death, the bereaved, dependent family may be entitled to compensation.

Maternal injuries which often lead to obstetric compensation claims include:

  • uterine rupture;
  • 3rd and 4th degree vaginal tears and cloacal injury;
  • anaesthetic awareness and injury
  • complications of eclampsia
  • organ failure and seizures(fits);
  • severe post-partum haemorrhage;
  • maternal cardiac/thrombosis and coagulation problems;
  • infection and sepsis;
  • psychiatric/psychological injury;
  • problems with childbearing in future;
  • maternal death.
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Boyes Turner staff were always helpful and quick to respond. Communicating from the other side of the world presented no problems. Boyes Turner secured generous early interim payments that allowed me to continue my (non-funded) medical treatment that otherwise I could never have afforded. My Boyes Turner solicitor successfully negotiated a full and fair compensation and continuation of funding for future medical treatment and associated costs giving me great peace of mind. Thank you so much Annabelle! I would recommend Boyes Turner solicitors. They are professional, courteous and helpful. 


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