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In claims relating to accidents abroad, the level of compensation which can be claimed depends on the law of the country which governs the claim. Our serious injury lawyers have extensive experience in securing compensation for clients with catastrophic or severe injury caused by accidents whilst working, studying, travelling or on holiday abroad.

What are accident abroad claims?

Severe injuries are always life-changing but when they are caused by accidents which happened abroad, getting help becomes even more challenging. In the same way, differences in language, time limits, laws, and local processes for making a claim adds another layer of complexity to an already specialist area of the law.

The country (or US state) where the accident took place can make a difference to:

  • the injured person’s right to make a claim for compensation;
  • deadline or time limit for making a claim;
  • which country’s legal system (or jurisdiction) governs the claim, and where the claim can be brought;
  • the procedures which must be followed;
  • the evidence that is used in the claim;
  • the amount of compensation that the injured person may receive.

Compensation claims arising from foreign accidents which caused severe and catastrophic injury to the brain or spinal cord, amputation or major trauma, must be handled by specialist solicitors.  We are experienced in securing rehabilitation and recovering high value compensation settlements for clients who have suffered severe injury whilst working, travelling or on holiday abroad.

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Our clients have experienced life-changing accidents which have left them with lasting disability from brain injury, spinal cord damage (SCI), amputation, severe physical and psychological injury. We help them secure the treatment and rehabilitation that they need to make the best possible recovery. We obtain interim payments to ease financial hardship and compensation settlements which meet their future needs, whilst providing professional and practical support every step of the way.

Our experienced lawyers can advise you whether, how, when and where to make a claim and ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. You can talk to one of our specialist lawyers, free and confidentially, to find out more about how we can help you with your claim by contacting us here. We handle claims on a conditional fee agreement basis (no win no fee).

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Why choose Boyes Turner?

Our experienced serious injury lawyers are top-ranked by Chambers Directory and the Legal 500. We are recognised and accredited as specialists by:

We are members of PEOPIL (Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers), a not-for-profit organisation which works to improve and promote judicial co-operation and mutual knowledge of European legal and judicial systems in the field of personal injury law.

We have an extensive, global network of specialist foreign lawyers and expert witnesses to support us in securing the best possible outcome for our clients in injury claims from accidents abroad.

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Accidents abroad claims frequently asked questions

What types of accidents abroad lead to injury compensation claims?

Where someone has suffered a serious injury in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence they may be entitled to claim compensation. 

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What kind of injuries can be compensated in a foreign accident claim?

We specialise in helping people who have suffered catastrophic or severe injury maximise their recovery and rebuild their lives, through timely and appropriate rehabilitation and compensation.

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Who should I claim against/from after an accident abroad?

Our experienced serious injury solicitors investigate the circumstances of each client’s accident to ensure that the claim is made against the correct defendant(s) and their insurers. The reason for being abroad (such as for work or on holiday), the country where the accident took place and the type of accident can all make a difference to how, where, and against whom the claim should be made.

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Can I claim compensation for an injury abroad from the UK

Many foreign legal systems require the injury compensation claim to be made in the country where the accident took place, however, there are situations in which the claim can be made in the UK.

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What should I do after an accident abroad?

After an accident abroad, whether whilst travelling, working, or on holiday, it is important to gather and keep as much evidence as possible to prove that the other person or organisation was responsible for the accident and injury.

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Time limits for foreign accident injury compensation claims

An injured person’s compensation depends on the severity of their injury, the impact that injury has on their life and their ongoing needs. In claims relating to accidents abroad, the level of compensation which can be claimed depends on the law of the country which governs the claim.

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How much compensation can I claim?

As with all catastrophic and serious injury claims, the injured person’s access to rehabilitation and full compensation for their injuries also depends on the skill and experience of their lawyer.

We have helped clients claim compensation for: 

  • pain, suffering and disability;
  • costs of rehabilitation;
  • costs of care and case management;
  • increased costs of accommodation or home adaptations;
  • loss of earnings and pension;
  • specialist equipment and aids;
  • prosthetics (after amputation);
  • medical treatment and additional healthcare costs;
  • psychological counselling;
  • assistive technology (IT);
  • adapted vehicles and additional costs of travel;
  • costs of special education (SEN);
  • Court of Protection/special needs trusts;
  • Loss of dependency, funeral costs and other financial losses arising from the injured person’s death. 

Costs of therapies

  • physiotherapy (physical therapy);
  • occupational therapy (OT);
  • speech and language therapy (SALT);
  • hydrotherapy;
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Meet your specialist team

Our specialist Accidents abroad claims team are considered leaders in the field and have a significant amount of expertise.
Kim Milan

Kim Milan

Senior Partner

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Claire Roantree


Martin Anderson

Martin Anderson

Associate Solicitor

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Beth Hatton


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Roshni Patel


Kim Milan
Claire Roantree headshots
Martin Anderson
Beth Hatton headshoot
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Awards & accreditations

Our medical negligence and personal injury teams have been nationally recognised for over 20 years because of their expertise, empathy and commitment to securing maximum compensation for our clients.

              Brake | The Road Safety Charity

What our clients say

"Amazing people"

Almost 5 years ago my sons suffered a life changing brain injury accident. A new life for everyone, so many unknowns so many difficult decisions. I met Claire and the team shortly after the accident. So many questions answered but more than that, amazing lovely people. Claire has been guiding me and the family throughout this ordeal with such compassion, there every time I needed her we couldn’t of asked for a nicer person. I have met many others with in Boyes Turner and all have been genuine lovely people, I’m now working with Ruth and Lindsay from the court of protection. Again, I can't say enough about them amazing lovely people. They truly do won't the best for my son and they did and continue to do so.

Barry Williams

"Personal Injury Claim"

Claire is exceptionally knowledgeable in the personal injury legal domain, especially in the specific area of my injury. From our very first conversation, she was clear in explaining the potential different routes that the process could take and provided me with expectations of what I could expect along the journey.

She ensured that all bases were covered, organising meetings, discussions and necessary specialist appointments, in order to bring together the case and take it forward. Claire was then able to use her extensive pool of contacts, to appoint an "area leading" barrister, to represent me.

Overall, I was very pleased with appointing Claire and Boyes Turner to act as my solicitor for the legal claim that I pursued. Thank you for all of your support.

Boyes Turner Client

"Boyes turner workplace injury claim"

I approached Claire Roantree of Boyes Turner in regards to making a claim about a workplace burns injury. It was something that had scarred me physically and mentally and taken a huge toll on the lives of me and my family. Claire wasted no time in finding out what happened and made sure I was treated by known experts and quickly finding an answer to my burns scarring and how I could be treated to help manage my pain. Claire also helped me by appointing a psychiatrist to understand my situation and help me cope with post traumatic stress disorder. As well as taking as much stress of the claim away, she was thorough in every situation, making sure I had the best possible claim, and handled it all expertly, I am so very grateful to her and her team. They have helped guide my life back into a positive direction and I can't thank her enough!

Boyes Turner Client

"Personal Injury claim"

Excellent service from Claire and her team at all times. We were kept up to date at each stage of our claim. The outcome was much better than we expected and we would not hesitate to recommend Boyes Turner to family and friends.

Boyes Turner Client

"Lifechanging Law Firm"

Kim handled my personal injury claim after a car accident with immeasurable expertise and compassion. Boyes Turner arranged every part of my private rehabilitation, which greatly improved the speed and quality of my recovery.

Each stage of the litigation process was dealt with efficiently and succinctly. This was then always explained without using unclear legal jargon.

On both health and financial levels, I would be in a far worse position without Kim’s invaluable input. I cannot recommend this firm enough.

Rated Excellent 4.8/5