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Sepsis is a life-threatening, serious complication of infection, which, if untreated, can lead to permanent disability or death. 

Sepsis can affect anyone and often does so without warning, overwhelming the body’s immune system within a matter of hours. Sepsis can be difficult to diagnose but is treatable if caught early.

Healthcare professionals are expected to be alert to the symptoms and signs of sepsis and respond quickly because delays in diagnosis and treatment can be deadly.  

Boyes Turner’s medical negligence team have recovered compensation for many clients with devastating injuries caused by negligently delayed diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. Where serious injury has been caused by sepsis negligence, we secure funding for early rehabilitation, care and specialist equipment, adapted accommodation and purpose-built prostheses. Clients who work with us experience restored mobility, independence and self-esteem. Our clients’ settlements replace lost earnings and can help provide financial security at a time when life is difficult enough for those coping with a new disability.

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Sepsis medical negligence claims frequently asked questions

What counts as sepsis medical negligence?

Sepsis is treatable if caught early, but it can be difficult to diagnose as early symptoms can be confused with other less serious conditions. Where sepsis is suspected, antibiotic treatment must be started immediately if serious injury is to be avoided. Every minute counts in stopping the spread and advancement of the disease.

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How Boyes Turner help clients after sepsis negligence

Boyes Turner’s medical negligence team have helped secure compensation for many clients with severe, permanent disability, including multiple amputation, which was caused by delays in diagnosis and incorrect treatment of sepsis. We have also recovered compensation for bereaved dependent family members of those whose who have died as a result of sepsis negligence.

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What is sepsis?

Sepsis is a serious complication of infection which, without quick treatment, can lead to multiple organ failure and death. Sepsis most commonly develops from infections in the lungs (pneumonia), urinary tract, abdomen and pelvis, but it can arise from infection in any part of the body.

Leading sepsis charity, The UK Sepsis Trust, estimates that in the UK there are around 250,000 cases of sepsis a year. The condition is fatal for 52,000 people a year, that’s 20% of those affected. In the UK, there are more deaths from sepsis than from breast and bowel cancer combined and many of the survivors are left permanently disabled.

‘Severe sepsis’(affecting the organs or reducing blood and oxygen supply to the tissues) and ‘septic shock’ (where blood pressure becomes dangerously low) are medical emergencies. These advanced forms of the condition require immediate admission to hospital and emergency treatment with intravenous antibiotics. However, in its early stages, before the infection has spread or caused damage to other areas of the body, sepsis may sometimes be treatable with oral antibiotics at home.

Early recognition and immediate antibiotic treatment are the key to successful recovery from sepsis. With correct medical care, lasting, full recovery, without long-term consequences is possible. Sepsis strikes quickly but the condition is treatable.

Recent cases

  • £2.5 million settlement in a fatal claim for the family of a mother who died from pneumonia and sepsis as a result of negligent hospital treatment.
  • £1.3m settlement for a man who developed sepsis and needed a below-knee amputation after a GP practice nurse failed to refer his infected (diabetic) foot wound for multidisciplinary foot care treatment.  Our client's urgent needs were met with a £175,000 interim payment whilst the case was adjourned for a trial of prosthesis. 
  • £750,000 compensation for a client who suffered amputation of her left hand, the fingers and thumb on her right hand, the toes on her left foot, and her right leg below the knee, and psychological injury,  after negligent treatment of post-operative sepsis and necrotising fasciitis. She  suffered septic shock, multi-system organ failure, ischaemia, brachial thrombosis and peripheral vascular compromise, causing gangrene in her hands and feet. She contacted us after her previous solicitors told her that her claim could not be pursued. We pursued the strongly defended claim and secured an out of court settlement which enabled our client to pay for prostheses, therapies, necessary equipment, an adapted car and adaptations to her home.
  • £500,000 compensation for a woman who suffered septicaemia and bowel injuries leaving her with a permanent colostomy after mistakes during surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and subsequent treatment delays. The hospital maintained its strong denial of liability throughout the case but ultimately made an acceptable settlement offer shortly before trial.
  • £290,000 compensation for a man who suffered faecal peritonitis, septic shock and multi-system failure after negligent bowel surgery. He was left with a permanent injuries including a colostomy, incisional hernias, extensive scarring from surgery and skin grafting.
  • £165,000 compensation for a client who was left with severe bowel dysfunction, leg weakness and a psychological injury after hospital delays in recognising and treating a surgical injury to his bowel led to extensive intra-abdominal sepsis, peritonitis, kidney stones and bladder problems, incisional hernias and a faecal fistula.
  • £95,000 compensation and a formal apology for the family of a woman who died in hospital after A&E delays in the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. Vital antibiotic treatment was delayed for four hours whilst hospital staff failed in 18 attempts to insert the cannula needed to administer the antibiotic medication, before calling a registrar to place a central line. The woman died from septic shock before treatment was administered.
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Meet your specialist team

Our specialist Sepsis medical negligence claims team are considered leaders in the field and have a significant amount of expertise.
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Susan Brown


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Julie Marsh


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Richard Money-Kyrle


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Sita Soni

Senior Associate - solicitor

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Vanessa Wand

Senior associate - solicitor

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Rachel Makore

Associate - solicitor

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Tara Pileggi-Byrne

Associate - Solicitor

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Alpa Rana

Associate - solicitor

Fran Rothwell

Fran Rothwell

Associate solicitor

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Ben Ireland


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Alice Carley


Audrey Elmore headshot

Audrey Elmore

Medical records coordinator

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Nicky Melville

Professional support assistant

Susan Brown photo
Julie Marsh headshot
Richard Money-Kyrle headshot
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Vanessa Wand photo
Rachel Makore headshot
Tara Pileggi-Byrne photo
Alpa Rana headshot
Fran Rothwell
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Awards & accreditations

Our medical negligence and personal injury teams have been nationally recognised for over 20 years because of their expertise, empathy and commitment to securing maximum compensation for our clients.

              Brake | The Road Safety Charity

What our clients say

"Honest, approachable and truly empathetic"

What has to be some of the most testing horrible times was dealt with in a dignified, honest, approachable and truly empathetic manner. I could not begin to do Susan justice for her handling of our case.

Boyes Turner Client

"they kept us fully informed "

I approached Boyes Turner after my claim was turned down by one of the Medical Negligence Claim company. My wife was a victim of medical negligence.

Boyes Turner have acted so efficiently on our behalf and was able to win our case. Anytime we contact them, their customer service was very good as they kept us fully informed of every level our case has developed. They are very friendly and approachable and great in their professional advise. I would strongly recommend anyone approach them for their legal and medical negligence services.

Boyes Turner Client

"Thoroughly professional, knowledgable and approachable"

Thoroughly professional, knowledgable and approachable with communication and updates as and when needed, in what can be a drawn out process, I was always comfortable asking questions and always received answers which were clear and understandable. Highly recommend

Boyes Turner Client

"Amazing professional firm"

I came to Boyes Turner desperate after searching the web for a firm to use for my sons case. He was only a few months so my mind was all over the place, but from the very first point of contact I felt a sense of relieve and belonging. I was welcomed and looked after by amazing staff who always communicated everything so well and went the extra mile to explain things and ensure I understood what was happening every step of the way (THANK YOU SUSAN BROWN). Susan was amazing I felt like I not only had a solicitor but someone who understood my emotions as a mother and always handled me with so much compassion and that was all I needed to keep me going for the 6 years of the case. Years went by in a breeze because of how professional Boyes Turner was. I am so greatful I went through it all with them and mananged to get my son a good compensation. We look forward our new life where my sons needs are priority after struggling for so long. Thank you Boyes Turner and thank you Susan Brown. My family and I are ever indebted.

Boyes Turner Client

"I couldn’t fault them they have been brilliant throughout the whole process"

From the moment I picked up the phone and spoke to Richard Money-Kyrle I knew I had done the right thing by choosing Boyes Turner to take our claim forward and to represent my son. Both Richard Money-Kyrle and Alpa Rana have worked on our case and they both have been amazing throughout, explaining every step of the way and anything we didn’t understand and keeping me updated constantly. This gave me and my family a lot of reassurance.

Both Richard and Alpa are friendly and gained my trust and have been really easy to talk to which has made the process a whole lot easier and smoother than anticipated.
The outcome of the claim was far more than I could have wished for and that was down to their hard work and expertise

I couldn’t fault them they have been brilliant throughout the whole process I would recommend Boyes Turner to anyone.

Boyes Turner Client
Rated Excellent 4.8/5