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Boyes Turner’s amputation negligence solicitors secured a £210,000 compensation settlement for a 70-year-old who man needed a below knee amputation after GP delays in treating him for an infection.

Our client suffered from diabetes with peripheral neuropathy. His condition meant that he had reduced sensation in his feet, leaving him potentially unaware of minor injuries and at higher risk of developing serious complications. He attended the A & E department of his local hospital with a minor cut on his foot. His foot wound was dressed and he was given antibiotics. He then attended his GP surgery for further treatment and was seen by the practice nurse and two GPs who decided to treat him conservatively. His infection spread and he attended A&E, but he had already suffered significant tissue damage and required a below knee amputation.

We pursued a claim for compensation for our client from the GPs and the practice nurse at the surgery on the basis that our client’s amputation and disability was caused by their negligence in failing to refer him for specialist care. After court proceedings were issued the defendant admitted negligent failings in care but denied that their negligence caused our client’s disability, arguing that his amputation would probably have been needed in any event. During the proceedings, however, they entered into settlement negotiations and the claim settled for an agreed sum of £210,000 compensation for our client.

If you have suffered a serious injury or disability as a result of medical negligence and would like to find out more about making a claim, you can talk to one of our specialist solicitors, free and confidentially, by contacting us here.