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You may be eligible to make a claim for asbestosis compensation if it is something that you have been diagnosed with. If you or someone you know suffers from asbestosis, then you may be entitled to compensation with a no win no fee asbestosis claim.

We have helped recover over £82 million in compensation since 2005 for those with asbestos related diseases. Get in touch to make your claim today.

What is Asbestosis?

Asbestosis is a very specific condition that refers to fibrosis of the lungs caused by breathing in asbestos fibres over many years. The term asbestosis is often misused to describe almost any asbestos-related condition, which can be confusing.

It is usually individuals who have had significant exposure to asbestos, over several years, who go on to develop asbestosis. The effects normally appear after twenty years or more of exposure to asbestos. Asbestosis may cause breathlessness and can become more severe over time, and unfortunately, currently there is no cure.


Symptoms of asbestosis

These are the most common asbestosis symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath.
  • Persistent cough.
  • Wheezing.
  • Extreme tiredness (fatigue).
  • Pain in the chest or shoulder.
  • In more advanced cases, swollen fingertips.

No win, no fee asbestosis claims

We provide an initial consultation free of charge.

At that meeting, we can discuss and agree together how to fund an asbestosis compensation claim. In the majority of cases, we can offer Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs or “no win, no fee”).


Starting your asbestosis claim

When someone is diagnosed with asbestosis legal advice should be sought to consider if a claim for compensation can be made.

In order to secure a successful asbestosis claim, we will need to present evidence of asbestosis and its impact on your health, as well as show the failure by your employer (or company/other body if you weren’t employed) to protect you. Below is a list of the steps we will take in an asbestosis case:

  1. Obtain a medical report stating that you are suffering from an asbestosis. This report needs to be produced by a reputed respiratory disease expert who is accustomed to producing medico-legal reports for the court (not just any medical professional).
  2. Establish the exposure to asbestos occurred at a specific workplace or due to proximity to a particular asbestos-related industry.
  3. Demonstrate that your employer (or other defendant) was aware of the risks and could have foreseen that there was a high probability that you could develop symptoms of asbestosis. We will speak to you in detail about the frequency, duration and intensity of your asbestos exposure.
  4. Prove that the defendant failed to follow regulations around the use of asbestos, either by not informing you about the dangers or by not providing the correct training or equipment.

Asbestos-related disease claims are one of the more complex and challenging areas of personal injury law. We have helped recover over £3.5 million in compensation in the past 12 months for those with asbestos-related diseases.

The team has long-standing relationships with many agencies and charities that help people with asbestos-related diseases, and their families receive as much assistance and support as possible during a very difficult time.

When there is a death as a result of asbestosis, then it is important that the local coroner is notified and that a post-mortem takes place. The lung tissue samples can be analysed for asbestos bodies which can, together with exposure history, prove an asbestosis claim. It is important that the tissue samples are preserved until the conclusion of the legal claim.

Asbestosis compensation claims frequently asked questions

Why choose Boyes Turner?

Our clients receive the highest standards of advice and representation and are always treated with compassion, outstanding care and understanding of the physical, emotional, psychological and financial impact that life-changing injury can have upon their lives.

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Am I eligible for an asbestosis claim?

In order to prove a claim for asbestosis the history of asbestos exposure needs to be moderate to heavy for many years.

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How much can I claim for asbestosis?

This amount you can potentially claim for being diagnosed with asbestosis depends on a range of different factors.

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How long does an asbestosis claim take?

The duration of an asbestosis claim can vary, depending on how complex the claim is, the legal processes involved, and the cooperation of the parties involved.

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How do you prove asbestosis?

Proving asbestosis typically requires a combination of medical evidence and documentation related to asbestos exposure.

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Can you live a full life with asbestosis?

Asbestosis is unfortunately incurable, and the damage is irreversible, as once the asbestos fibres are breathed in, they stay in your body forever.

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Can you have mild asbestosis?

Asbestosis can definitely be mild, although this can develop over time into more severe stages.

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Does asbestosis get worse over time?

Unfortunately, asbestosis does tend to get worse over time as it develops.

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How long does it take to see signs of asbestosis after being exposed?

It can take quite a while to see signs of asbestosis after being exposed, typically ranging from ten years to up to forty years.

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Available benefits

You may be eligible for several benefits if you are found to be diagnosed with asbestosis, such as the following.

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Our specialist Asbestosis compensation claims team are considered leaders in the field and have a significant amount of expertise.
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Laura Magson


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Melloney Harbutt

Legal Director

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Martin Anderson

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Awards & accreditations

Our medical negligence and personal injury teams have been nationally recognised for over 20 years because of their expertise, empathy and commitment to securing maximum compensation for our clients.

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What our clients say

"A good company with great staff"

I selected Boyes Turner from a list given to me by an asbestos charity, on the strength of the CV’s of the specialist solicitors. It was a wise choice, I feel.
Melloney Harbutt has been great from day one, despite my occasionally disappearing into hospital for emergency treatment. Very supportive, very knowledgeable and very friendly.

The whole process has been made easier for me thanks to their great communication skills and knowledge of the process. Thank you

Mr Webster

"We finally settled our claim with Laura’s help"

When my dad was diagnosed with mesothelioma we were contacted by a charity based company called HASAG which put us on to Boyes Turner, and we met Laura. Laura managed to speak to dad virtually whilst he was still with us, but unfortunately he passed away very soon after. Laura advised that I become an executor to dads claim.Laura was so easy to deal with and also showed the family a personal touch whenever we spoke.

We finally settled our claim with Laura’s help.

The family would definitely recommend Laura and Boyes Turner to anyone needing a representative for a mesothelioma case as Laura’s knowledge is vast

Boyes Turner Client

"The final result was very satisfactory"

After much hesitation regarding making a claim and speaking to HASAG. I found Boyes Turner one of HASAG's approved solicitors, I met Melloney who explained the process in plain English, and we started the ball rolling, some of the reports were difficult to come to terms with, but all through the process Melloney was supportive and understanding.

As there were multiple parties involved the process took some time which was frustrating, but the final result was very satisfactory.

Mick V

"I would not hesitate to fully recommend their services"

After my diagnosis and starting my treatment for asbestosis I chose the services of Boyes Turner LLP to help me and my family through the claim system.

I had the good fortune to be introduced to Melloney Harbutt as my lead solicitor. At a time when I least wanted additional stress and anxiety, her clear compassionate, honest legal knowledge and personal guidance prevailed throughout.


Mr Fletcher

"Mesothelioma Claim"

Absolutely delighted with the speed, efficiency and clarity of the support provided by Laura in my claim against my former employer. She cut through the legalese jargon and explained everything in detail making my decision making easy.

Additionally, she handled my grim prognosis details with compassion and showed a great understanding of, not only the legal aspects, but also the complex medical details and options. The prompt settlement negotiated by Laura has ensured I can "enjoy" the benefits while still fairly mobile and also she ensured the defendants would fund any future treatments not funded by the NHS should I need them.

It was a pleasure working with Laura and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to others.

Rated Excellent 4.8/5