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Boyes Turner LLP were instructed by Mr R following his diagnosis of asbestosis.

Exposure to asbestos

Mr R was employed as an instrument fitter by Esso Petroleum Company Limited (“the defendant”) to work at its refinery in Fawley.

Mr R’s job exposed him to asbestos on a day to day basis as the defendants premises were full of asbestos lagged pipes, boilers and other equipment which was often disturbed, removed and re-lagged in his immediate vicinity.  These works caused Mr R to be subjected to copious amounts of asbestos fibres on a regular basis. 

A Boyes Turner specialist asbestos claims solicitor took a detailed statement from Mr R and used this evidence in order to pursue a claim against the defendant. 

Boyes Turner also assisted Mr R in applying for government benefits which he was entitled to, namely Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit and a lump sum payment under the Pneumoconiosis (Etc) (Workers Compensation) Act 1979.

Initially the defendants refused to negotiate a settlement of the claim and denied liability for Mr R’s condition. Due to the complexities of Mr R’s disease and the defendants denial of liability Boyes Turner issued and served Court proceedings and the matter proceeded through the Specialist Asbestos Division of the High Court. 

Sadly Mr R passed away shortly after proceedings had been issued.  Boyes Turner however continued in its fight for justice on Mr R’s behalf on the instruction of his family. 

The defendant eventually decided to enter in to settlement negotiations with Mr R’s family and paid them a large lump sum payment to compensate them for Mr R’s pain, suffering and loss of amenity. 

Mr R’s family have thanked Boyes Turner Solicitors for their friendly yet professional advice and assistance in pursing his claim and for not loosing faith in achieving a successful outcome on his behalf.  Mr R’s daughter stated that, “I never expected such a fast conclusion of this claim, especially when the Defendant was denying liability so much.  I am glad this matter is now settled and that we have justice for my father”.

Boyes Turner’s specialist asbestos disease lawyers

Boyes Turner are one of the largest legal services providers in the Thames Valley and operate one of the largest specialist industrial disease teams in the country. 

Boyes Turner pride themselves on being able to gain justice for families like Mr R’s and ensuring they receive the compensation they justly deserve.   

The success in cases like Mr R’s conforms with Boyes Turners ethos of obtaining justice for asbestos victims and ensuring asbestos victims and their families are properly compensated.