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A head or brain injury has the potential to change a life in a split-second. The consequences can be truly shattering for both you and your loved ones.

Coming to terms with the full extent of the injuries can be difficult enough. But when it is caused by an accident that is not your fault, it can feel even more unjust – and that is why making a brain injury claim can be so important.

Our specialist brain injury solicitors are here to help you start the careful and delicate process of rebuilding your life after an accident. We have a proven track record in supporting families when they need it most.

Making a successful brain injury compensation claim calls for a team who can deal with all your needs. This is where Boyes Turner excels – and all it takes is one conversation.

Personal injury claims - Brain injury compensation - Jessica's story

Following a road traffic accident where Jessica suffered a traumatic brain injury and stroke she required extensive rehabilitation and care. Our expert personal injury claims lawyers helped recover initial costs to assist in paying for her recovery and ul

How can our specialist brain injury solicitors help?

Specialist brain injury solicitors can offer the depth of expertise and important advice you need. As a leading specialist brain injury claims firm, our partners – led by Kim Smerdon – can all draw on more than 20 years' experience of supporting those with severe brain and head injuries.

Our dedicated team of personal injury solicitors can advise and assist thanks to our substantial legal expertise. We also benefit from strong established links with brain injury associations and those who provide rehabilitation and support for people living with the consequences of brain injury.

While our expertise covers all areas of traumatic and acquired brain injuries, we have particular  knowledge in injuries caused by accidents at workroad traffic accidents or falls from heights.

We also have a dedicated medical negligence claims team who support cases such as cerebral palsy, injuries caused by meningitis or kernicterus/jaundice claims.

With all brain injury compensation claims, the most important thing we do is listen. It is only by having this full understanding of what you are going through that we can achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family. This does not just include the financial award but extends to rehabilitation, emotional support and other relevant legal services you require.

To find out exactly how our brain injury solicitors can help, call 0800 124 4845 or get in touch via our online form for a free no-obligation consultation that gives you the answers you need.

Why you can trust our specialist brain injury solicitors

The impact of a brain injury on someone’s life can never be underestimated. At what will often be a distressing time, our specialist brain injury solicitors know this all too well. It is why our number one aim is to provide clear and simple advice and assistance that you can depend on.

Our approach is to work with you and your family to get the maximum compensation that helps you rebuild your life. Brain injury claims are complicated and often involve different considerations to other types of claims. Our reputation has been built on achieving positive outcomes for everyone we support.  

  • Boyes Turner advises clients on a range of personal injury matters, with specialist expertise across the areas of brain and spinal injury
    – The Legal 500 directory
  • Highly experienced personal injury practice fielding leading capabilities in catastrophic injury claims. Particular strength in handling spinal and head injury cases
    - Chambers and Partners directory

Of course, our reputation as leading brain injury solicitors means little without the strong links we have established with charities who work to support those living with brain injuries:


You can be safe in the knowledge that the solicitor who supports you is a leading expert in this area. Our brain injury claims team are all members of the Headway personal injury solicitors list – this means we work within the Headway Personal Injury Lawyers code of conduct.

In turn, this means that choosing us will give you confidence in the quality and expertise of our brain injury solicitors and our commitment to addressing your specific needs and circumstances.

Head of the Personal Injury team and Partner Kim Smerdon is also accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) as a Brain Injury Specialist and is a Trustee of Headway Thames Valley.

Of course, we understand that – for some people – reading stories from the people we’ve helped is the most effective way of knowing that Boyes Turner is the right choice for your claim.

From a £2m award for a teenager involved in a road traffic accident to the £300,000 paid out to an employee injured in an accident at work, we are proud of what we have achieved with some of our previous brain injury cases. We also obtained a £750,000 settlement for a woman who suffered severe brain injuries from which she was not expected to survive when her stationary car was hit by a dangerous driver. In addition, using the Rehabilitation Code, personal injury expert, Kim Smerdon, obtained funding for rehabilitation which facilitated our client’s recovery from coma to her eventual return to work. 

And we are certain we can achieve the same success for you.

Contact us now for a free, no-obligation consultation – call 0800 124 4845 or get in touch online.

What is a brain injury?

The brain is a complex organ – containing hundreds of billions of nerve cells that are responsible for our ability to move, think and feel. Anything that disturbs how it operates – however minor – is known as a brain injury. It has the potential to affect any other part of the body, which is why it can have such a life-changing impact on the victim and their loved ones. 

The cause, extent and location of the brain damage will determine how someone will be affected and for how long. Our personal injury specialists are highly skilled at working on a wide range of brain injury claims where the damage was the result of an accident or incident where the person was not at fault. If this happens, it is also known as an acquired brain injury (ABI).

What does acquired brain injury mean?

An ABI is damage to the brain sustained at any point since birth. The impact can be either permanent or temporary depending on the nature of the injury. But it can often be far-reaching too – whether this is physical, emotional, behavioural or cognitive. ABIs can also be described as either traumatic or non-traumatic.

What is a traumatic brain injury (TBI)?

This is when damage to the brain is caused by a sudden and external jolt/blow to the head. This impact can make your brain knock against the inside of your skull, which leads to the tearing or bruising of nerves or tissue.

Headway estimates that around 75-80% of TBIs are mild with no lasting effects. But moderate and severe TBIs contribute to head injuries being the “commonest cause of death and disability in people aged 1-40 years in the UK”. (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

What is a hypoxic brain injury?

A hypoxic brain injury is a form of non-traumatic brain damage where an external force is not a direct cause. Instead, it is where the regular and constant flow of oxygen to the brain – and the blood that carries it – is partially or totally disrupted. As a result of this, the brain is damaged.

Our specialist brain injury solicitors can help you or a loved one make a claim if an accident has led to choking, drowning or suffocation. It can also be due to mistreatment or misdiagnosis and this is something that our dedicated medical negligence solicitors can help you with.

Traumatic or non-traumatic – our brain injury solicitors are here to help you claim compensation if you or a loved one are injured in an accident and someone else is at fault. Let us help you find out the options available to you. Call us on 0800 124 4845 or get in touch to start the process.  

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How common are brain injuries?

Sadly, brain injuries affect more people and their families than ever before. According to figures quoted in a 2020 Parliamentary debate, there are as many as 1.4 million people living in the UK with the consequences of an ABI. While not all these injuries are the result of accidents or other negligent acts, it highlights how brain damage and head injuries are not a rare occurrence.

Indeed, Headway research found that ABI hospital admissions increased by 10% between 2005-06 and 2016-17. Since then, data for NHS hospitals across England alone reveals that – of these admissions – there has been a 6.6% rise in admissions for head injuries (183,751).

Of course, not all of these have a life-changing impact. But, based on Headway’s estimates, that still means that up to a quarter will have a moderate or severe TBI that can impact quality of life. And, if this to happens to you and it is not your fault, a brain injury claim can help ensure you get the practical, financial and emotional support you need to overcome the challenges you may face.

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What are the main causes of a brain injury?

At Boyes Turner, our specialist brain injury solicitors have supported people in a similar position to you for more than 25 years. The brain injuries suffered by those we have helped were caused in many different ways. So, it means we can fully understand you and your family’s specific needs.

What causes traumatic brain injuries?

TBIs – and some non-traumatic or hypoxic injuries – can be caused in a range of situations. We have experience of helping people to make brain injury compensation claims due to:

Each of these accidents or situations can often be easily avoided which means that someone is generally at fault. No matter the cause, we are committed to assisting you and your family with brain injury claims in order to help you rebuild your life. Call 0800 124 4845 or get in touch today to learn more.

What causes other acquired brain injuries?

Other types of acquired brain injuries can be the result of sub-standard healthcare or treatment – whether it is misdiagnosis, surgical errors or problems at birth. If this affects you or a loved one, you might be able to make a medical negligence injury claim

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Can you make a brain injury claim?

If you suffer a brain injury and it can be proven that someone else is at fault, you could be able to claim compensation. Like all personal injury claims, this is your legal right. Brain injury compensation considers your pain and suffering, as well as other financial losses and expenses you incur, both now and in the future.

Our long-established experience in supporting brain injury claims means that we appreciate the person involved in an accident will not always be able to claim themselves due to the extent of their injuries. If this happens to someone close to you, you could still be able to claim.

Sadly, our experience also teaches us that brain injuries can lead to the loss of a loved one. At such a difficult time for your family, you can still claim compensation. Our compassionate brain injury solicitors can provide the support and guidance you need.

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Why should you make a brain injury compensation claim?

When another person or organisation’s actions or inactions has resulted in a brain injury, you could be able to make a claim for financial compensation. In this situation, this can help to ensure the responsible party is held to account – and may help stop the same mistake happening again.

Brain injury claims can also secure the payment of compensation, which is important – especially if long-term specialist care is needed. It can help ensure that you or a loved one – as the injured person – can still enjoy the highest possible quality of life even when the effects are irreversible.

Our expert brain injury solicitors strive to achieve this for you by focusing on early rehabilitation, treatment and support. We have access to specialist brain injury case managers who ensure that you receive practical support as soon as possible. We can also arrange for interim payments to be made so you can deal with any pressing financial costs for example due to loss of earnings and/or purchase any necessary equipment or care.

If you are unsure if you should make a brain injury claim, let us help. You can speak to our legal experts free of charge by calling us on 0800 124 4845 or using our online form to get in touch.

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What are the effects of a brain injury?

The impact of a brain injury depends on how severe it is and where the brain is damaged. While many people will make a full physical recovery after a minor brain injury, some can be left with longer-term, or lifelong, physical, cognitive and emotional problems that have a major impact on everyday life.

This can include:

  • Movement, balance and coordination
    This occurs when there is damage to the motor cortex, brain stem, cerebellum or vestibular system.
  • Loss of senses
    Sensory cortex damage can result in loss of sight, smell (anosmia), taste or hearing. A gradual recovery is possible, but the damage can be irreversible. Occipital lobe damage, meanwhile, can cause full or partial blindness.
  • Epilepsy
    This is most likely where there is an open or penetrating brain injury. Seizures can start within a week or two of the injury, but they often do not occur until much later.
  • Tiredness
    This can often be the most debilitating symptom of a brain injury because it will affect almost every area of life.
  • Speech problems 
    This can occur if the cranial nerves are damaged. The muscles that control our speech can become weak and uncoordinated, which means speech becomes slurred or slower than normal (dysarthria). It can also cause problems with swallowing (dysphagia).
  • Memory
    Loss of memory (amnesia) can impact on everyday life.
  • Concentration 
    Issues with concentration and attention can be a very common problem after a brain injury caused by damage to the frontal lobe.

However, it is often the unseen consequences of a brain injury that can have the most significant impact – both for the injured person and those around them. This can include emotional and behavioural effects, which are harder to come to terms with and can include:

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of awareness and insight into condition
  • Impulsiveness and disinhibition
  • Sexual problems with loss or increased sex drive
  • Emotional liability - rapid often exaggerated changes in mood where strong emotions or feelings (eg uncontrollable laughing or crying) occur
  • Apathy or lack of motivation

The impact can be profound in many ways. Our brain injury solicitors understand how hard it can be for families to adapt. But we can help – call 0800 124 4845 or get in touch to find out how.

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How are brain injuries treated?

The cause of the injury, severity of the damage and the individual involved can all influence how a brain injury can be treated. While the damaged cells cannot regenerate, it is still possible for a recovery to be made. This is because the brain can reorganise itself so other parts take over the activities from damaged areas.

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, the treatment options include over-the-counter pain relief for mild injuries causing headaches and complex procedures such as neurosurgery in more severe cases. Many brain injury survivors require brain injury rehabilitation to help their brain learn different ways of working in order to minimise the full impact of an injury.

What is brain injury rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is designed to help you, your loved one and your family move forward. We strive to ensure, where possible, there is a continuity of care throughout your brain injury claim. With this, we can help maximise recovery, maintain independence and help rebuild the lives affected.

It can involve neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists – and it usually takes one of the following forms:

  • In-patient: Intensive specialist rehabilitation that requires a period of hospital stay.
  • Out-patient: If the injured person can return home after being discharged from hospital, treatment can be provided as an out-patient at local hospitals or rehabilitation centres.
  • Community: Therapists or outreach workers coming to your home to provide support.  

Many people who turn to us require rehabilitation in a specialist unit. We can arrange this if we are instructed while the injured person is in a hospital. We can also obtain interim funding from insurers to cover the costs. It is all part of our service to you as part of your brain injury claim.

We consider the Rehabilitation Code of Practice at the outset in every case (can we have a link to this?) This means that we aim to assess your immediate needs as a priority by instructing an experienced brain injury case manager. He or she will meet with you, often whilst you are still in hospital and provide recommendations for rehabilitation and support to maximise your recovery. Where liability is admitted we will ask the insurers of the person responsible for the accident to fund the initial assessment and ongoing recommendations either directly or through interim payments.

Even if liability is in dispute, we may still be able to arrange an immediate needs assessment. Once liability is admitted, we are then in a position to implement the recommendations sooner rather than later.

Get in touch or call 0800 124 4845 to learn how making a brain injury claim with us is as much about supporting you through the rehabilitation process as it is about securing compensation.

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Is it possible to recover from a brain injury?

Yes, it is depending on the severity of the brain injury – but recovery from a brain injury can be a slow process. It can take many months or years. It could also be at least a year after an accident until the full extent of the injury is clear, at least physically. The psychological effects can take a little longer to recover from.

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How does the claims process work?

Brain injury claims typically go through the same process until they are settled. It all starts with a free no-obligation consultation with our team by calling 0800 124 4845 or getting in touch.

The first step can be the hardest – and we appreciate that making a claim can feel unnerving at a time when recovery is the main priority. But it is also often the easiest step. You will be in full control and, if you decide to proceed, our brain injury solicitors take the lead on your behalf.

We work out who is at fault – gathering evidence and collecting witness statements. With this information, we will then contact the other person or organisation to accept liability.

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How much does it cost to make a claim?

Our brain injury solicitors work on a no win no fee basis. This ensures that you will not have to pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful. We will let you know in our initial consultation if our no win no fee solicitors can help you. Learn more about how to fund a claim with Boyes Turner.

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How long does a brain injury claim take?

It is not always easy to immediately assess the full impact of a brain injury. Some effects can take weeks or months to become apparent. As such, brain injury claims can take some time to resolve. In the most complicated cases, this can be 2-3 years or more.

Whilst we can never be sure how long a claim will take, you can be certain that our brain injury solicitors will keep you fully informed at every stage so that you know what to expect.

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Do you believe you have a claim?

Our specialist solicitors have first-hand experience of the wide-ranging – yet often life-changing – impact that a brain injury can have. We are committed to helping families who are affected by such a traumatic event through no fault of their own.

Call 0800 124 4845 or get in touch – and let us provide the help and support you need.

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