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Mr B was diagnosed with asbestosis after numerous investigations to determine the cause of his breathlessness. Mr B instructed Boyes Turner specialist asbestosis compensation lawyers.

Mr B began working for the CEGB as an Apprentice Electrical Fitter and following his 6 year apprenticeship remained with the CEGB as an Electrical Fitter. He worked for them between 1961 and 1970.

Mr B was exposed to asbestos throughout his employment with the CEGB and described working alongside laggers mixing, applying and removing asbestos lagging, which created substantial quantities of asbestos dust during his time at Poole Power Station.

Boyes Turner specialist asbestosis compensation lawyers successfully concluded Mr B’s claim for £20,000 on a provisional damages basis. This means that if Mr B goes on to develop mesotheliomaasbestos related lung cancerpleural thickening, or a worsening of his asbestosis he can return to Court for further damages.