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Mr  F was exposed to asbestos while incarcerated at St. John’ s approved school in Tiffield and again while incarcerated at HMP Borstal in Portland, Dorset.

Whilst at St. John’ s approved school he was made to strip and replace lagging in the schools boiler room. Whilst at HMP Borstal, he was seconded to work on the demolition of on old military hospital at Guy’s Marsh. He was heavily exposed to asbestos throughout both periods of incarceration and subsequently developed asbestosis.

Proceedings were brought against Ministry of Justice, who argued that the liabilities for St John’s approved School were transferred to Northamptonshire County Council by way of a transfer order in 1972.

Witness evidence was provided in support of the Claimant’s case from another former detainee of St John’s approved school. 

Research into the Military Hospital at Guys Marsh showed it to consist of large numbers of prefabricated WWII Nissan huts, which contained large amounts of asbestos material, according to Mr F’s evidence.

Mr F was given leave to join Northamptonshire County Council into proceedings, but a negotiated settlement was subsequently reached with the Ministry of Justice prior to the service of proceedings on Northamptonshire County Council.