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Written on 1st February 2022 by Fran Rothwell

Boyes Turner’s medical negligence solicitors have secured a £750,000 settlement for a woman who suffered severe physical and psychological injury as a result of the delayed diagnosis and treatment of her cervical cancer.

Our client is a young woman in her thirties. The resulting progression of her cancer and the radical chemo−radiotherapy that was needed to treat it left her with severe and debilitating injuries, including bladder and bowel dysfunction, pain, nausea, early menopause, and a psychological injury. She is at increased risk of cancer recurrence. Her devastating injuries affect her independence, ability to self−care and live safely, work or enjoy relationships and family.

Negligent biopsy report missed invasive cancer

Our client had a routine smear test which showed pre−cancerous changes to the cells on her cervix which, if untreated, could develop into cancer. The abnormal part of the cervix was removed during a LLETZ biopsy procedure and was incorrectly reported as pre−cancerous CIN2 and CIN3, when it showed invasive squamous carcinoma (cancer). If the biopsy had been correctly reported, our client would have had urgent surgery to treat her condition. She would not have needed chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Instead, based on the incorrect biopsy report, arrangements were made for another cervical smear test and colposcopy clinic review six months later.

After many visits to her GP and A&E with severe pain, having received no help for the pain she was experiencing, she decided to pay to see a private GP, who immediately referred her to a private gynaecological consultant. The consultant arranged investigations including transvaginal, CT, MRI and PET−CT scans, bladder examinations and a cervical biopsy, and she was referred to an oncologist (cancer specialist). She was diagnosed with stage 3B cervical cancer and, after preserving her eggs so that she would still be able to have children, she was treated with chemo− radiotherapy.

Claim leads to £750,000 settlement to help meet our client’s needs

We helped our client pursue a medical negligence claim against the hospital which had negligently mis−reported the biopsy causing the delay in our client’s diagnosis and treatment. They admitted responsibility for our client’s injury after court proceedings were issued. We obtained judgment and an interim payment to meet our client’s urgent needs while the case continued. Negotiations with the hospital’s legal team resulted in a £750,000 settlement for our client.

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