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Edward's testicular cancer was not diagnosed as the hospital failed to undertake a thorough cancer screen. By the time his testicular cancer was identified, after the delay in diagnosis, he was 24 years old and had secondary tumours in his lungs, brain, and spleen. 

Hospital negligence claim

The hospital initially accepted that they should have performed cancer marker blood tests and that, had they done so, the cancer would have been diagnosed four months before it eventually was. This would have meant that there would have been no delay in diagnosis of testicular cancer. However, as the case progressed and the issues became more complex this admission was withdrawn.

Recovering compensation for our client

In valuing the medical negligence compensation claim the main issue was the extent to which we could establish that the delay in diagnosis of testicular cancer had affected the treatment needed and Edward's prospects of survival.

A settlement was achieved shortly after service of court proceedings for £165,000.