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Cyclists are more vulnerable on the road than many other road users. The weather, road and traffic conditions, their smaller size relative to other vehicles, and the awareness and attitude of other drivers around them can all reduce their visibility and safety.

Children on bikes are even more vulnerable. They are smaller and less visible around parked or moving vehicles. They may be less able to see other vehicles when emerging onto or crossing a road. Their road sense and control of their bicycle may be less developed than adult cyclists, so extra care needs to be taken by motorists around children on bikes. Even where children are not immediately visible, motorists are expected to anticipate that children may be cycling in residential areas, near to schools, shops, parks, playgrounds and other leisure facilities, and to slow down and take extra care.

Cyclists are more likely to suffer serious injury from a road accident, collision or fall. They do not have the ‘crumple zone’ protection that the structure of a car gives its driver and passengers or an airbag to cushion their fall. Whilst cycle helmets provide valuable protection from skull fracture in lower impact accidents, a cyclist remains vulnerable to severe injury to their brain, spine and other parts of the body if hit by another vehicle.

If a cyclist suffers a serious injury which was caused by the negligence of another road user, they may be entitled to claim compensation for their injury and its consequences. Serious injury claims need early advice and specialist handling from experienced solicitors to give the injured person the best chance of recovery and full compensation.

Expert cycle accident compensation lawyers

At Boyes Turner your serious injury claim will always be handled by an experienced solicitor

Our personal injury lawyers are APIL accredited and top rated nationally by Legal 500 and Chambers Directory for their expertise in serious, high value personal injury claims. Our work with charities such as Headway and Cycle Smart means that we understand the catastrophic impact that a sudden, devastating injury has upon the individual and their family.

We are skilled in helping our clients and their families through the rehabilitation and recovery process which follows a life-changing injury and, with the help of compensation, supporting them to rebuild fulfilling and meaningful lives.  

By choosing Boyes Turner’s personal injury team you can be sure that your claim will be handled by experienced solicitors with the skills to recover your full entitlement to compensation, even in the most severely injured or complex claims.

Complex personal injury claims – specialist lawyers for difficult/complex cases 

We are recognised specialists in personal injury cases involving complex liability, medical or financial issues. We help clients with claims involving multiple possible defendants, conflicting witness evidence, contributory negligence allegations or highly complex injury. We often secure rehabilitation and compensation successfully for clients whose claims were turned away by other firms,  owing to their legal or medical complexity. Our serious injury lawyers have the skills and the experience to help our injured clients meet their needs.

Contributory negligence – can I claim for my injury if I wasn’t wearing a cycle helmet?

When a cyclist claims compensation from a driver whose negligence caused their injury, the driver (or their insurer) will only be ordered to pay compensation for the injury that their negligence caused. If the cyclist’s own behaviour caused or contributed to their injury, the defendant’s insurer may try to reduce the amount of compensation to reflect the cyclist’s contributory negligence. Common examples of a cyclist’s contributory negligence include not wearing a  helmet, not wearing high visibility clothing if cycling at night, or the cyclist’s dangerous overtaking or other behaviour.

Cycle helmets are recommended by RoSPA, Headway and Cycle Smart because they can help reduce serious injury from skull fractures in an accident, but they are not compulsory under English law. The fact that a cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of their accident rarely prevents them from making a claim.

Many injuries, including brain injury, spinal injuries, amputations or major trauma, are not avoided by wearing a helmet. Where an injury was not made worse by the cyclist’s failure to wear a helmet, the amount of compensation for the injury should not be affected. Where an injury would have been avoided or less serious if the cyclist had been wearing a helmet, there may be a ‘discount’ or reduction in the amount of compensation that they receive.

Contributory negligence is sometimes used by defendant insurers as a negotiating or stalling device. It is important that the injured person’s solicitor has the necessary level of experience and understanding of these serious injury claims to ensure that the injured claimant receives their full entitlement to compensation. Boyes Turner’s personal injury team are experienced in overcoming insurers’ unjustified attempts to reduce their liability on the basis of the cyclist’s contributory negligence.

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Severe, complex, multiple or psychological injuries from a cycling accident

A sudden, severe injury can affect every aspect of the injured person’s life. Serious brain injuries, in particular, cause physical, cognitive (mental or intellectual), neurological, sensory and psychological disability. These injuries are not simple to evaluate or to adjust to.

The injured person may need a lengthy period of specialist, multidisciplinary rehabilitation, ongoing therapies, and help with psychological adjustment to their disability, reduced independence and mobility. They may not ever be able to return to former activities, walk, drive or return to work. This causes financial hardship and stress within the family.

Chronic pain, PTSD and psychological reactions can affect the injured person’s ability to respond to treatment, which is often misunderstood in the context of a compensation claim.

A staged, skillfully managed approach to the client’s recovery, rehabilitation and their claim is needed in these complex cases. Our personal injury lawyers are experts in securing rehab, maximum recovery and full compensation for our severely injured clients. Our team’s supportive relationships with these client families often continue long after the conclusion of the claim.

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Rehabilitation after a cycling accident – maximising recovery AND compensation

At Boyes Turner, we believe that our severely injured clients deserve the best chance of recovery. We help them achieve this with rehabilitation.

Where our client is seriously injured in a road accident, we can often secure immediate funding from the negligent driver’s insurer to get our client’s rehab underway. For many clients, this maximises their recovery by allowing a seamless continuation of treatment from acute hospital care to rehabilitation. The earlier the rehab, the better the recovery.

Every small gain in the client’s recovery gives them more benefit from their compensation. This might come from being able to use assistive technology to communicate, learn, access education, entertainment or work. It might improve their independence through the use of prosthetics, specialist wheelchairs or adapted vehicles. It might be the difference that allows them to live independently, with support, in adapted accommodation.  Following rehab, a client’s ongoing needs and abilities will determine how every aspect of their lives can be improved with the help that can be provided by compensation.

Rehabilitation is not a substitute for compensation. Clients who have not recovered to a level where they can make use of available help do not achieve the highest levels of compensation. Serious disability will affect the client for the rest of their life. Their quality of life, and their ability to participate and live a meaningful life, will come from achieving their maximum recovery, assisted by compensation.  Any solicitor or injury claims handler who fears the effect that a client’s recovery from rehabilitation might have on their claim is not acting in their client’s best interests.

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Compensation claims for children who have been injured in a cycling accident

Just as children need extra care on the road, they need extra care from their solicitor in handling their claim.

Boyes Turner are specialists in acting for children and their families in serious injury claims. We understand how deeply, and the many ways that a child’s severe injury affects the child and their family.  Parents often suffer from conflicting feelings of anger and (misplaced) guilt depending on the circumstances of the child’s accident. These feelings sometimes make it very hard for them to claim their child’s entitlement to compensation. Our lawyers understand these concerns and work sensitively with the child’s parents throughout the claim, whilst complying with our duty to act in the best interests of the child.

Claims for children are subject to different time limits and must meet additional court requirements, for example, in the way that their settlements are agreed and their money is managed. These requirements are for the protection of the child and are often reassuring to parents, particularly when the child’s injury gives rise to a substantial compensation claim.

Boyes Turner’s claims solicitors are experts in achieving maximum settlements for severely injured children.  We act for the child, whilst supporting their parents throughout and often long after the conclusion of their claim.

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Fatal injury claims in cycling accidents

When a cyclist dies from injuries caused by somebody else’s negligence, their dependent family members may be entitled to claim compensation. We provide support and representation for the families of deceased accident victims at inquests, protecting their interests and guiding them through the process by which the coroner establishes the facts surrounding the accident and the cause of the deceased’s death.

The sudden loss of a family member is always hard to come to terms with but is often made worse by the financial hardship which follows the death of a parent or partner. Where the family relied on the deceased’s income or their responsibilities within the home, such as childcare or domestic tasks, we can provide some relief from the financial worry by securing interim payments and making a ‘loss of dependency’ claim.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, eligible family members may also be able to claim compensation for the deceased’s pain and suffering leading up to their death, a statutory bereavement payment, and reasonable funeral costs and other expenses arising from the death.  

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When can I claim compensation after a cycling accident?

Injured cyclists may be entitled to claim compensation for their injury if the accident was caused by another road user:

  • Tailgating or driving too close to the bike in front
  • Overtaking too close or in a dangerous location
  • Failing to see the cyclist on the road and colliding with them
  • Failing to stop or slow down at a road junction, roundabout or traffic lights (where the cyclist had right of way)
  • Speeding
  • Losing control of their vehicle
  • Failing to keep to their own side of the road or lane
  • Failing to look when changing lane
  • Failing to keep to the highway code
  • Driving a car which was unroadworthy, such as defective lights, mirrors, indicators, tyres or brakes
  • Driving whilst on a mobile phone (or was otherwise distracted within the car)

An injured cyclist may also have a claim against the highway authority, police, or other agencies responsible for safety on the road, if their injury was caused by their negligence. These claims often follow an injury caused by:

  • a defective road surface,
  • unmarked ramps,
  • unlit skips or road works.
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What kind of cycle accident injuries can I claim compensation for?

We have helped recover compensation for clients after cycling accident injuries left them with:

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What compensation can I claim after being injured in a cycling accident?

  • Rehabilitation costs, including:
    • Brain injury rehabilitation
    • Physical rehabilitation
    • Vocational rehabilitation
    • Educational rehabilitation
  • Costs of care
  • Costs of case management
  • Costs of specialist equipment
  • Costs of assistive technology
  • Adapted vehicles and transport costs
  • Loss of earnings and pension
  • Medical costs
  • Prosthetics after amputation
  • Special educational support
  • Cost of therapies such as:
    • occupational therapy (OT)
    • physiotherapy,
    • speech and language therapy
    • psychological counselling
  • Costs of adapted accommodation
  • Costs of domestic assistance
  • Court of Protection and deputyship costs
  • Loss of dependency – replacing the cost of the deceased’s income and services eg DIY, housework,  childcare for eligible dependents (fatal cases)
  • Statutory bereavement award (fatal cases)
  • Reasonable funeral costs (fatal cases)
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Recent cycle claims cases

  • £520,000 settlement for the bereaved, dependant family of a cyclist who died after being knocked off his bicycle by a vehicle whose driver was on their mobile phone. After securing a substantial interim payment to relieve the family’s financial hardship, we obtained a full value settlement of this complex loss of dependency claim.

  • A six-figure compensation settlement for a cyclist who suffered multiple injuries including skull, facial and rib fractures,  hearing loss, pain and depression, when she was knocked off her bike by another vehicle.

  • An interim payment followed by £120,000 settlement for a cyclist who suffered injuries to his knee, ankle and finger, ongoing pain and a psychological reaction when he was knocked off his bike by a moped.
  • £50,000 settlement for a student who was not wearing a cycle helmet and suffered a minor head injury with no lasting effects when he was knocked off his bicycle by another vehicle. 
  • Compensation settlement within seven months for a young cyclist knocked off his bike by a car when the driver failed to give way as it entered a roundabout. The cyclist made a near-full recovery from minor spinal, wrist and knee injuries within a few months of the accident.

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Cycle accident cases

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"You got us the best outcome and I can’t thank you enough"

 Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of myself and my family. You were recommended to us by a close friend back in 2017 and I will certainly recommend you again. You’ve been amazing and very reassuring considering how complicated I made things at times. It’s been one of the hardest times of my life but I was glad I had you on the end of the phone. It’s a surreal feeling now it’s all over but very relieved you got us the best outcome and I can’t thank you enough.

Boyes Turner Client

"Extremely grateful for her professionalism and attention to detail. "

Through my dealings with Claire as my representative in a personal injury claim, I have been extremely grateful for her professionalism and attention to detail. I believe going above and beyond to help accommodate my needs and explain everything in a way that I could understand. Working around timing for video calls and zoom meetings with myself and my mum, often on weekends and evenings. We always knew she was just a phone call away to answer any questions we had and if she didn’t have the answer then it would be found out for us. Once the claim was settled, she has still offered her support and provided contacts to do with my injury fund and further surgery I need. 

Boyes Turner client

"Great support throughout a very emotional and difficult period"

Claire was very much the lynchpin in achieving settlement of a complex case. From the outset Claire ensured steps were taken to manage both rehabilitation and legal/case requirements in the correct sequence; this included the early appointment of a case manager.In addition Claire has been a great support throughout a very emotional and difficult period in our lives.

Boyes Turner client

"I cannot recommend them highly enough"

After being involved in a Road Accident I enlisted the services of Boyes Turner to help settle our compensation claim for damages and ongoing injuries that I incurred as a result. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their ongoing support throughout an extremely stressful ordeal was second to none. I suffered multiple injuries and they organised all my ongoing medical needs both physically and mentally, to help aid my recovery and rehabilitation. They managed my case with the utmost professionalism, concluding it satisfactorily so that I can move forward with my life and recovery. Thank you to Claire and her team for their amazing ongoing support and work with handling my case, in a time of great stress and uncertainty. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family. 

Boyes Turner client

"Happy to recommend your services"

Thank you again for all you have done for us and the way you have done it. We would be happy to recommend your services to anyone else in a similar position.

Boyes Turner client