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Written on 27th March 2020

Our client, Paul*, was cycling in London when a moped drove across his path and he collided with it. He suffered injuries to his knees, left ankle and left middle finger and, although he recovered from the injury to his right knee, Paul has suffered serious ongoing problems with his left knee and ankle. 

These injuries have prevented him from running, walking any distance, cycling and kneeling and the ongoing pain has been a serious setback for him. Intensive sports physiotherapy was recommended but Paul has also suffered from some anxiety and a depressed mood as a result of his condition.

Paul was a high earning senior manager at an accountancy firm prior to his accident but left his post and had difficulty getting back into work following the accident.

The defendant solicitors eventually made a time limited offer, whereby a sum of money is stipulated to be available for acceptance for a short period only, following which it is withdrawn. This was considered to be a good offer and the client was pleased to accept it. The matter was therefore settled by negotiation for £120,000.

* All names have been changed to protect client privacy.