Cleaning staff accident claim

Cleaners and domestic staff face hazards at work caused by:

  • Cleaning products and chemicals. Some cleaning products contain chemicals which can be harmful is used incorrectly.
  • Slips and trips on wet floor surfaces left unguarded by fellow employees.
  • Manual handling of equipment provided such as industrial hoovers and floor washing and polishing machines.
  • Falls from step ladders and other falls at work.

An employer’s duty of care

Your employer should try to eliminate all risk by: 

  • Adhering to the COSHH Regulations (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and trying to avoid the use of chemicals hazardous to health wherever possible, or limiting their use.
  • Providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as gloves, overalls, face masks and safety shoes or boots.
  • Instructing other employees on safe cleaning techniques, such as the use of warning cones or notices where a floor surface has just been washed.
  • Providing training in the safe use of heavy machinery such as hoovers and floor polishers so as to avoid back injury. Manual Handling Regulations include pushing and pulling and not just lifting and carrying. Manual Handling which is not absolutely necessary should be avoided altogether.
  • Providing training in the safe use of step ladders and other ladders and safety when working at height.

If you have been working as a cleaner or member of domestic staff and you have had an accident at work which was someone else’s fault then you may be entitled to bring a personal injury claim.


Thank you again for everything, I am so happy that I can finally look towards the future and start drawing a line under the accident and putting it in the past where it belongs...I don't think I've felt this happy in ages, it's like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders just knowing that it's all done.

Miss M, London 

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