Criminal injury compensation claims solicitors

Being the innocent victim of a violent crime is shocking and disturbing in itself. But it also often causes physical or psychological injuries or trauma that have an overwhelming and long-lasting impact.

Our highly skilled criminal injury solicitors are here to help you and your family when you need it most − ensuring that you are compensated for what you have been through.

Our team of legal specialists have substantial experience when it comes to helping people in a similar position to you. We appreciate that this is a difficult time for you and that talking about what happened is never easy. But you can be absolutely sure that our criminal injury solicitors will always be sensitive and sympathetic to your needs as we help you try to rebuild your life.


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How can our criminal injury solicitors help?

Using our skills and expertise, our personal injury solicitors can help you claim criminal injury compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). We know that it will often be the psychological impact that stays with you longer than the physical effects. That is why are committed to achieving the best possible outcome when you turn to us for help.

Led by Kim Smerdon, our personal injury team draw on experience of even the most complex cases to support you and your family. From the long-term impact of a brain injury to the life-changing consequences of a spinal injury, we can ensure that recovery and rehabilitation are central to your criminal injury claim.

We can also bring in other specialist teams from Boyes Turner as part of our holistic approach. This means you and your family can also benefit from expert advice on issues such as mental capacity; education and employment; trust and wills; and court of protection. For us, it is not just about securing criminal injury compensation, but ensuring all your needs are fully met.

Why turn to Boyes Turner?

Our team has more than 30 years’ experience of dealing with criminal injury claims. They are different to other types of personal injury claim. So, it is important that you choose a solicitor with a real depth of knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the process.

At Boyes Turner, we have a proven record in achieving positive outcomes for victims of crime. We have supported numerous criminal injury victims in their compensation claims and have secured substantial settlements for many who have gone through the same experience as you. 

Our successful claims include a £3.5m settlement for a 19-year-old man who suffered a major brain injury as the result of being shaken by his father when aged just 13-weeks-old.

Our skills and experience in handling criminal injury claims are just two reasons to trust us with your case. Here are some more important reasons why you should choose us:

If you are considering making a criminal injury claim and would like to find out more about our team and why you can depend on them, please call us on 0800 124 4845 or contact us today.

Thank you again for everything, I am so happy that I can finally look towards the future and start drawing a line under the accident and putting it in the past where it belongs...I don't think I've felt this happy in ages, it's like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders just knowing that it's all done.

Miss M, London 

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