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The Court of Protection is a specialist Court to protect and support vulnerable people who are unable to make decisions regarding their finances or health and welfare as they do not have the mental capacity to make those decisions. In such cases a Deputy is appointed to make those decisions or support the person to make the decision.

Our Court of Protection service is led by Ruth Meyer who acts as a professional Deputy. A professional Deputy is usually appointed in matters involving injuries which lead to claims of compensation and also where there are no family or friends who can take on this responsibility. 

In addition, Ruth acts as a professional Trustee in compensation claims where a person has sustained a physical disability but has retained mental capacity. These are known as Personal Injury Trusts. Such Trusts work in the same way as a deputyship except Trusteeships will cover those who retain mental capacity to make decisions and Deputyships will cover those who are unable to retain mental capacity to make decisions. Either way, the work is very similar and each client receives a high level of service bespoke to their needs. 

Ruth is highly experienced in acting as a Deputy or Trustee as a result of catastrophic claims but equally, the team can act for those with age-related illnesses. 

When acting for family members as a Deputy (known as a “lay Deputy”), we can provide as much or as little support as required.  Quite often we are asked to prepare the application for Deputyship, but sometimes we are only asked to complete annual accounts each year. 

We act for clients all over the country from Cornwall to Yorkshire and if appointed as a professional Deputy, will visit clients at their home address where they may feel more comfortable. 

Our professional connections with Case Managers, care agencies, therapists, bankers, fund managers and accountants are far-reaching so that we can provide a holistic and supportive service.  

Our work usually, but not exclusively covers:

  • Acting as a professional Deputy or Trustee
  • Applying for a family member or friend to be a Deputy
  • One-off orders to the Court for matters such as gift applications, tax planning and the purchase and sale of property
  • Statutory Will Applications

The team has considerable experience of Deputyship and Personal Injury Trusts and Ruth has a national reputation for her work in the Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession:

“Ruth Meyer is known for being ‘phenomenally adaptable and astonishingly hard working. Her knowledge is also excellent’. Her specialisms lie in establishing and managing Personal Injury Trusts and in acting as deputy through the Court of Protection”.

And in The Legal 500: 

Boyes Turner has “an extremely client-focused, efficient and well-organised team” under the leadership of Ruth Meyer who is “sensible, personable and supportive” and is a “leading light for Court of Protection work”.


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Yvonne's Case - Deputyship

Yvonne* is a young adult who suffered severe brain damage at birth resulting in  dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy.  She lives with her mother, step-father and two younger brothers. Her mother is her primary carer and has been for all of her...

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Experienced, dedicated Court of Protection team

The team is highly experienced and advises on everything from one-off property and affairs matters to managing a compensation award in the best interests of a client. The team works with families and other professionals including Case Managers, Accountants, independent Financial Advisers and Architects to provide a ‘joined up’ approach for clients.

We understand that each family has different needs and we offer an individual and caring service.

Ruth’s expertise in Court of Protection matters is a given...what makes Ruth stand out is her skill in balancing her client’s best interests, applying a high standard of care at all times and liaising with families and care professionals with sensitivity 

Jonathan Fennell, Chartered MCSI

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