Theme park ride brain injury claim success

A 16 year old boy was on the Human Dynamo ride at the Millennium Dome. This consisted of a bicycle attached to a spindle inside a large vertically mounted ring. The spindle rotated around a pin in the centre of the ring. On the other end of the spindle was a counterweight. The rider could therefore “loop the loop” inside the ring. As the claimant was riding the bicycle the counterweight became detached and struck him on the head.

He sustained a moderate head injury that left him with mild brain damage and had between eight and 16 hours of post traumatic amnesia. The boy was able to sit his GCSE examinations a few weeks after the accident and achieved grades close to those expected, but complained of slight difficulties with memory, short temper and volatile moods. He’s also less confident and outgoing than he was before the accident and he tires more easily. The teenager’s face was lacerated in the accident and he is left with two conspicuous facial scars on his forehead and mouth. He also sustained soft tissue injuries to his neck, low back and right knee which are likely to settle within a couple of years from the date of the accident.

The personal injury claim was made against the owners/occupiers of the Millennium Dome on the basis that they failed to ensure that the claimant was safe whilst on the premises. Liability was admitted and the claim settled in the sum of £25,000.

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