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Written on 24th January 2023 by Claire Roantree

Boyes Turner’s injury lawyers secured compensation of £135,000 and funded rehabilitation for a motorcyclist who suffered multiple injuries when he collided with a car which turned across his path.

After the accident, the biker needed surgery for severely broken bones in his left wrist and forearm (comminuted open fractures of the left distal radius and ulnar shaft). He has been left with restricted movement and grip strength,  and significant scarring from impacted fractures of the fingers of his non-dominant hand.  He suffered psychological injuries including PTSD and depression.

We helped him make a claim for compensation from the driver of the car, whose insurers admitted liability (responsibility) for his injuries. We secured the insurers’ agreement to provide funding for him to have rehabilitation under the Rehabilitation Code. This meant that the insurers paid for our client’s rehabilitation to take place whilst the claim was still proceeding, to maximise his recovery. Funding provided by an insurer under the Rehabilitation Code is paid directly for rehabilitation, and is in addition to any compensation that the injured person receives as part of their settlement.

The funding paid for our client to have private osteotomy surgery, hand therapy and orthotic assessment. It paid for  a case manager to coordinate his rehabilitation, and for psychological counselling. Our client has been able to return to his self-employed business, but is more limited in the work that he can take on, and now relies on others to carry out heavier tasks that he can no longer do himself.

During settlement negotiations with the car driver’s insurers, we secured an out-of-court settlement offer of £135,000, which our client accepted.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault and you would like to find out more about funded rehabilitation or making a claim, you can talk to one of our experienced solicitors, free and confidentially, by contacting us here.