Compensation for martial arts instructor after road traffic accident

Boyes Turner specialist personal injury solicitors recently won a compensation payout of over £75,000 for a martial arts instructor injured in a road traffic accident.

The victim was a passenger in a vehicle. The driver was travelling in the fast lane when he lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle rolled several times, severely injuring the driver and the passenger. The passenger sustained a very severe injury to his arm, involving a compound fracture and extensive degloving/loss of bone. He sustained a spinal injury and also suffered a head injury in the accident. The passenger suffered from a congenital condition known as Marchesani Syndrome. Prior to the accident he had no useful vision in his right eye. As a result of the accident he suffered damage to his left eye resulting in deterioration in vision.

The claimant also suffered post traumatic stress disorder accompanied by an adjustment disorder. As a result of his injuries the claimant was handicapped on the open labour market.

The driver of the vehicle in which the claimant was a passenger was not insured. The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) was therefore contacted to deal with the matter on the basis of an uninsured driver claim. The MIB confirmed that settlement would have to be agreed or judgment entered against the driver of the vehicle before any payment would be made. Pleadings were therefore issued against both the driver of the car and the MIB. Following negotiations, settlement was agreed with the MIB for just over £75,000.

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