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We understand that fracture negligence can affect you and your loved ones for years whilst you rehabilitate. Our aim is to help you obtain the compensation you deserve in order to make your life easier in the future.

Some fractures (broken bones) can unfortunately be missed even where x-rays have been carried out. Whilst some fractures do not require any specific treatment, for those that do (whether this involves immobilisation or surgery) the failure to diagnose and treat can cause significant difficulties.

Many of our fracture negligence claim clients describe attending hospital shortly after sustaining an injury and being told that they have sustained a soft tissue injury, only to realise later that they have suffered a fracture.

Types of fracture negligence claim

Fracture negligence can therefore involve the failure to diagnose a fracture. It can also involve a failure to order an x-ray or misinterpretation of an x-ray. Any of these may have led to you incorrectly being reassured that there was no fracture. Without correct diagnosis and proper treatment fractures can worsen. This can cause significant difficulties and a great deal of unnecessary treatment, often involving painful surgery.

Why choose Boyes Turner?

If you have experienced any of the above we understand this can be extremely distressing and that for many the most important thing is to ensure that they recover as quickly as possible. This is where Boyes Turner can help.

Compensation can assist you in obtaining aids and equipment that can make a huge difference in your rehabilitation. Our specialist claims team always work to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for our clients.


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