Eye injury negligence solicitors

When a patient is seen in A&E with an eye complaint a careful assessment must take place. The assessment will usually start with a standard chart eye test to see how well the patient can see. If only one eye is affected the eyes are tested separately. If an eye injury is suspected, further investigations should be undertaken and if necessary an immediate referral to an eye hospital will be appropriate.

Failure to diagnose eye injury claims

Problems and medical negligence compensation claims arise from a failure to diagnose and treat penetrative injuries to the eye, detachment of the retina, chemical burns to the eye or foreign bodies in the eye.

Making an eye injury claim

Making an eye injury negligence compensation claim against an A&E department in a hospital is a straightforward process, our expert eye injury negligence solicitors will ensure that you recieve the maximum compensation that you're entitled to.

Laser eye surgery

This is most often a lifestyle operation rather than one of medical necessity. As such it is paramount that the doctor talks through all the potential risks so that you are fully informed when a decision for treatment is made.

Mistakes can and do happen during treatment ranging from inappropriate treatment for the condition to incorrect data entry on the laser. We have considerable experience in exploring these issues and bringing compensation claims from failed treatment. 

Talk to our expert eye injury negligence claim solicitors confidentially and without any commitment or cost - call us on our free phone number 0800 029 4801 or email us at mednegclaims@boyesturner.com.

Please note that there are time limitations on making a claim, for further information click here.


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