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At Boyes Turner we understand your injury, its causes and the devastating consequences that a delay in diagnosis of cauda equine syndrome can have.

Cauda equina syndrome claims

Over the last 25 years we have worked with many clients who suffer from cauda equina syndrome.  We have specialist knowledge of all the medical and legal issues surrounding the condition. 

Delays in diagnosis and treatment of cauda equina syndrome should not happen, but do.  Your injury with its bowel, bladder, sexual sensation, mobility, and paraesthesia consequences will have changed your life forever. 

All doctors should know that all cauda equina symptoms such as loss of perineal sensation, altered urinary sensation/function, bilateral sciatica, and often, constipation must be investigated urgently. This means referral to hospital at once with an immediate MRI scan of the lumbar spine and, if there is pressure on the spinal nerves, an immediate surgical decompression.

Delay in diagnosis or failure to treat cauda equina syndrome

Doctors can fail to warn patients with persisting lower back pain to watch out for and act on the “red flag” signs of evolving cauda equina syndrome.  Doctors can fail to test for altered sensation and can attribute reported symptoms to general back pain, urinary tract infections, or the consequences of pain killers.  The failures to warn, failures to investigate and resulting failure to arrange for an urgent MRI scan are what lead to the delay in diagnosis and treatment and long term injury.

Why make a claim for compensation?

Often if treated quickly many, if not all, of the long term disabling consequences of cauda equina syndrome can be avoided. It is for this reason that cauda equina syndrome should be treated as a medical emergency and, when there is a medical failure to do so, that patients bring claims for compensation. 

Compensation can provide adapted accommodation, private medical treatment for both urinary and faecal complications, mobility aids, compensation to pay for care, loss of earnings and all the financial consequences of the injury.


I am overwhelmed by the outcome in terms of the monetary value and know I should consider it as a near a 'sorry' as I am likely to get from the hospital. It will be nice to start the process of closure on the whole issue now and look towards the future for us as a family. 

Mrs T, Surrey 

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