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We were instructed by Donald of Middlesex following his diagnosis of mesothelioma, as a result of exposure to asbestos dust whilst employed by J Lyons & Company Limited.

Donald worked for J Lyons & Company Limited between 1956 and 1963/64. The company were well known for making confectionary and other food products and produced chocolate, fruit drops, pom poms, Chicos, Readybrek, cake mixes, powdered tea, coffee and packaged tea leaves. 

Donald undertook an electrical engineering apprenticeship with J Lyons from the end of 1956 until 1958. He was based on the company’s Greenford site in West London. Donald alleged that the company used a number of steam processes and employed laggers to remove and renew asbestos lagging throughout the factory.

Donald described that the laggers would mix the asbestos lagging compound whilst he worked in close proximity. As a result of this he was exposed to asbestos dust.

Prior to his diagnosis Donald was very fit and active and would swim 30-50 lengths and had done so for a number of years. He also worked on a helpline for a local council as a community alarm officer assisting the elderly and infirm with home assistance alarms.

Following instructions J Lyons & Company Limited did not provide their position in respect of liability and therefore Court proceedings were swiftly issued.

After Court proceedings were issued J Lyons & Company Limited failed to file a defence and default judgment was entered against them. An assessment of damages hearing was listed and, prior to this taking place, negotiations to settle ensued and settlement was finally agreed at £175,000.