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Written on 15th February 2024

Following an acid attack in March 2008, that resulted in her own experience as a burns patient, Katie Piper founded The Katie Piper Foundation.

The Katie Piper Foundation was founded to support survivors of burns and those with scars from traumatic events. The charity is committed to delivering specialist physiotherapy, scar management, hair transplant surgery, medical tattooing as well as mental health and wellbeing support.

Katie herself works closely with the volunteers and staff who dedicate their time to helping those who need it. In 2023, The Katie Piper Foundation appointed Boyes Turner to their first legal panel, whose experience in burns and scarring claims also proves vital for the rehabilitation of those survivors.



How are Boyes Turner supporting survivors of burns and scars?

Our personal injury solicitors secure immediate funding for rehabilitation to maximise the injured person’s recovery, as well as longer term financial help from burn injury compensation. Not only that, Kim Milan, and Claire Roantree, Partners here at Boyes Turner, fundraise for the charity so that they can further support those survivors now and in the future.


Fundraising for The Katie Piper Foundation

In March 2024, Kim, Claire and other supporters of The Katie Piper Foundation are trekking across the Sahara Desert to fundraise for the foundation and the survivors. Starting in Marrakech, they will spend 2 full days and 2 half days trekking across dried-up river beds, sand dunes and sun-baked planes, no easy task due to temperatures of up to 40 degrees during the day, falling to 0 degrees at night.

In aid of fundraising for the Sakara Trek, Kim and Claire, who have named their team ‘We thought you said dessert???’ held their own fundraising event at Valpy Street Bar & Bistro, Reading. The event ‘Call My Bluff’ was organised to be a fun, competitive team event which tested the guests' wine tasting skills.

Kim and Claire sold tickets for the event to other professionals in the industry, friends and family, and also held a raffle, organising raffle donations from a range of local businesses including Marlow Brewery, Nettlebed Creamery and Majectic wine. With over 60 people in attendance, Kim and Claire raised over £3,360 for the charity.

The compassionate care that The Katie Piper Foundation and Boyes Turner provide supports survivors to enter back into the community and employment where possible, equipped with the support they need to have a brighter future.

If you would like to donate to our page, or Katie Piper Foundation directly, here’s how your money could help:

£40 - could pay for an hour of specialist therapy, such as physiotherapy to support a survivor with improved movement.

£100 - could pay for a sleep therapist to support a survivor to achieve a better sleep pattern.

£250 - could pay for a six-week course of support at our specialist scar clinic for a survivor.

£500 - could pay for 12 sessions with a psychotherapist to support a survivor's mental health.


If you have been seriously injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault, and you would like to find out more about funded rehabilitation or making a claim, you can talk to one of our experienced solicitors, free and confidentially, by contacting us here.