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Everyday hundreds of thousands of prescriptions are written and while the vast majority of these are prescribed and dispensed appropriately, errors can occur. Medical claims usually arise from mistakes made by GPs, hospital doctors or pharmacists.

Common prescription or medication error negligence claims 

  • Incorrect dosage of medication prescribed.
  • Medication prescribed for too long.
  • Wrong medication being prescribed or dispensed.
  • Medication prescribed that contains ingredients that the patient is known to be allergic to.
  • Medications prescribed that shouldn’t be prescribed together. 

Prescription, medication and dispensing errors can have serious consequences including brain damage, allergic reaction, digestive problems and psychological illness.

Children and medication error claims

Children are particularly vulnerable to prescription or medication errors. When prescribing or dispensing medication to a child, medical practitioners need to consider the child’s age and weight in order to determine a safe dosage.

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