Brain Injury - Jessica's Story

Jessica's story

Head injury charity, Headway, introduced the claimant’s parents to Boyes Turner’s brain injury team when their daughter was in coma following an RTA (road traffic accident). Her car had been hit as she waited to turn right from a minor road into a major road. The other driver was thought to have right of way and in the absence of witnesses was denying liability for the accident. This is her story, of recovery...

“Jessica’s dad: I got a phone call from my wife that Jessica had had a car accident and they'd called the London air ambulance.

Somebody had come round a blind bend doing an estimated 60 miles an hour and just literally smashed straight into her. Now I had to just hope that my daughter was still alive when I got there.”

“Jessica: I suffered a traumatic brain injury broken pelvis I'd had a stroke as well.

I was out cold from the moment of the car accident for six weeks, after I woke up from the coma I needed pretty much help with pretty much everything.”

“Jessica’s dad: Jessica needed very expensive rehabilitation that she couldn't have obtained through the NHS she literally had to learn to walk, she had to learn to brush her hair, she had to learn to dress herself. Every single small thing she literally had to relearn.

I heard of Boyes Turner through the HeadWay charity, I was hoping that we would get a solicitor who had some knowledge of brain injuries and severely injured patients and actually who could help Jessica to recover if that's possible I was very impressed with the initial reaction to my phone call. The liability was still disputed at that point and the other solicitors were not under any obligation to make any payments at all.

Boyes Turner were able to secure funding for Jessica's rehabilitation.”

“Jessica: My rehabilitation involved working with a neuro physio and working with an occupational therapist.”

“Jessica’s dad: She also needed personal trainers to help the physical recovery it was a multidisciplinary effort. Jessica had a case manager appointed to look after her needs and was invaluable because they were able to relieve the family of the pressure of trying to organise everything for Jessica.”

“Jessica: I got a paid taxi account which covered travel to neurophysio appointments and gym appointments and any other medical appointment I needed to go to.”

“Jessica’s dad: There really wasn't too much to worry about because Boyes Turner was taking care of everything. Jessica has made an incredible recovery, she was able to return to work within six months of recovering she achieved that because of the funding that Boyes Turner were able to secure.”

“Jessica: My claim was settled earlier this year and it's enough to account for any future health care costs so with gym memberships or anything like that, it's changed my whole life. I've been able to do something as big as buying a property.”

“Jessica’s dad: It was great really to know that there was an organisation so professional and so dedicated working for Jessica, and that's the most important thing.”

 To read Jessica's case study click here.

The service was personal, professional and considered. I was treated so kindly and in the end I knew that not only had I found the right organisation but also the right person.

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