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We were instructed to act on behalf of Mr P in respect of a claim for compensation arising out of his diagnosis of diffuse pleural thickening.

Mr P was exposed to asbestos by his five former employers as follows: Barrett & Wright (London) Limited between 1959 and 1968, Homeserve Servowarm Limited around 1969/70, Richard Costain Limited between 1969/70 to 1970/71, Newman & Watson Limited between 1970/71 to 1971/72 and Verwin Plumbing & Heating Limited between about 1972 to 1981.

Mr P was employed by the first defendant as a plumber’s mate and then a plumber. He worked at various premises, including factories, schools, hospital and churches and he spent most of his time working in boiler houses. He was regularly required to remove asbestos lagging from pipework to access joints and pipes.

Mr P was employed by the second defendant, also as a plumber. He regularly removed a number of old boilers which contained asbestos flues and other asbestos-containing components.

He was employed by the third defendant also as a plumber and was working on the refurbishment of Battle Hospital. He regularly used asbestos rope to caulk soil and drain pipes. The rope was fibrous and strands and dust came away when it was handled and cut, sticking to the claimant’s hands and fingers. He also ripped out old boilers and pipework which were lagged with asbestos.

Mr P was working on the construction of houses in Tilehurst in Reading when he was employed by the fourth defendant. He installed asbestos flues at some of the houses which required him to cut the flues.

Mr P worked as a plumber mainly on domestic jobs when he was employed by the fifth defendant. He cut asbestos flues in order to install them, cut and installed asbestos soil pipes, asbestos rainwater goods and asbestos storage tanks.

As a result of his asbestos exposure, Mr P developed asbestos related pleural thickening. Court proceedings were issued and a court timetable was followed by all parties. The claim settled out of court against the first four defendants for just over £35,000 on a full and final basis.