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Boyes Turner specialist asbestos claims lawyers were instructed by Mr S a 64 year old former joiner. 


Mr S was exposed to asbestos when he worked for Luton Building Company between 1968 and 1973. Mr S worked on a large site that was being demolished and rebuilt. He worked with other carpenters forming shuttering for the concrete. He was exposed to dust when the old steam and heating pipes were removed. He also worked alongside other tradesman who were sweeping up and removing the asbestos dust and debris. He had no protective clothing and he was never warned about the dangers of asbestos.


In 2014 he was diagnosed with diffuse related pleural thickening, an asbestos disease, which affected his breathing. 


Mr S died unexpectedly of an unrelated cause and his daughter, Miss S, continued with the claim on behalf of the estate. Court proceedings were served and a settlement was negotiated before trial.