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Written on 31st March 2020

Mr G’s employment history

Mr G was employed by two different companies which exposed him to asbestos.

The first company that exposed Mr G to asbestos was Bebbingtons of Crewe. Mr G carried out asbestos stripping and asbestos lagging works for this company.

The second company was Murgatroyds Salt and Chemical Company Limited. Mr G worked for this company as a fitters mate and was often expected to strip asbestos lagging from pipes and work in the vicinity of others re-lagging the pipes. Mr G would also use a hammer to smash hardened chemicals out of asbestos lined trays whilst working for this company.

Boyes Turner’s investigation of the claim

Investigations revealed that Bebbingtons of Crewe were no longer trading and no insurance could be traced for the business.

Murgatroyds were still trading and insurance was traced for the company.  A claim was therefore pursued against Murgatroyds alone.

Murgatroyds strongly denied exposing Mr G negligently to asbestos and stated that any disease suffered by Mr G was as a result of his work with Bebbingtons of Crewe.

Murgatroyds also claimed that Mr G had been suffering from his condition for many years and he had failed to pursue his claim within the three year limitation period.

As liability was denied, Boyes Turner issued proceedings in the Royal Courts of Justice in an attempt to gain justice for Mr G.

Mr G’s legal claim

Shortly after the issue of proceedings Murgatroyds agreed to enter in to settlement negotiations with Mr G and he was compensated for his injuries, justice was finally obtained for Mr G.

Specialist asbestos disease lawyers

The specialist asbestos disease team are one of the largest legal services providers in the Thames Valley and operate one of the largest specialists in the country.

The success in cases like Mr G’s conforms with the team's ethos of obtaining justice for asbestos victims and ensuring asbestos victims and their families are properly compensated.