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Written on 1st May 2020 by Kim Milan

Our personal injury solicitors recently secured a £145,000 settlement for a cyclist who sustained serious injuries including a head injury following a collision on a roundabout in Reading, Berkshire.

Traumatic brain injury 

The victim suffered a basal and skull fracture resulting in some traumatic brain injury; fracture to the right wrist; multiple fractures of ribs leading to left-sided haemo-pneumothorax and requiring a chest drain; splenic rupture; maxilla-facial injuries; damage to the hearing mechanism leading to right-sided hearing loss, dizziness poor balance and tinnitus; nasal bone fractures; fracture of the lateral wall of the left orbit, fracture of the left zygomatic arch; facial nerve damage and dental injuries. She had continuing problems with regard to pain management, and depression and continuing symptoms with her right wrist, neck, teeth, and hearing. She attempted to return to her previous employment at a local newspaper but found the job very demanding and tiring and subsequently accepted redundancy and set up her own business.

Expert testimony

Proceedings were issued and the parties obtained expert reports from consultants in orthopedics, psychiatry, otolaryngology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental surgery, rehabilitation and brain injury and pain medicine and anaesthesia.

Although liability was admitted the issue of not wearing a cycle helmet was raised by the defendant as a contributory negligence argument and the defendant applied for leave to rely on expert evidence dealing with this issue.

We sought a medical opinion on this issue from a consultant in brain injury and rehabilitation which was supportive of the claimant. The defendant’s report was not disclosed to the claimant.

Covering treatment costs 

We sought early interim payments to deal with treatment costs and general expenses.

The claimant’s claim included both past and future loss of earnings continuing treatment costs and continuing care and assistance claim. Dental treatment and hearing aids and therapy were required for the rest of the claimant’s life. An Ogden 6 calculation reflected the claimant’s limitations with respect to future employment. A settlement was finally agreed in the sum of £145,000. No concessions were made in respect of the failure to wear a cycle helmet.

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