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Written on 19th May 2014 by

Boyes Turner's specialist amputation negligence solicitors were instructed by Bill* after he suffered an amputation due to an untreated popliteal aneurysm. 

57 year old Bill* developed pain in his left calf. He attended A&E where a 22mm popliteal aneurysm was noted. He was told that his condition would need to be monitored, and his GP referred him to a Vascular Consultant (who was the defendant).

By August, imaging revealed the aneurysm had grown to 25 mm. This was confirmed on a subsequent CT angiogram. However, the Vascular Consultant decided to continue to monitor the situation.

 By June of the next year Bill’s leg had become extremely painful. He was transferred by the local hospital to the vascular surgical team where he was diagnosed with a left thrombosis popliteal artery aneurysm. He underwent surgery and, unfortunately, despite attempts to save his leg, he underwent a left below knee amputation.

Bill brought a claim against the Vascular Consultant, alleging that he had failed to surgically repair the aneurysm for fifteen months.

As a result of the amputation, Bill had to change jobs within his company, resulting in a loss of earnings. He was also unable to continue with his domestic responsibilities and adaptations to his property were required.

“This is a devastating case with catastrophic consequences for Bill. Unfortunately we have experience of dealing with similar cases, where substandard care has lead to a below knee amputation“.