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Boyes Turner's specialist asbestos lawyer were instructed by Mr F, a 76 year old former painter and decorator.

Work history

He was employed by Rashley & Company Limited from 1955 until 1964. He was first employed as a “boy apprentice painter” and thereafter as a skilled painter and decorator.


He worked refurbishing very large homes. His work included working in close proximity to laggers who mixed and applied asbestos cement lagging.

His job was to sweep out the boiler house and remove the old asbestos lagging and any debris the laggers had left behind.

When Mr F came to paint the paintwork there were lots of lumps and bumps in the pipes where the lagging was not smooth. He chipped off any large lumps with a paint scraper. He also sandpapered the lagging down to make it smooth before he painted the pipes.

Diagnosis and compensation

Mr F developed breathing problems and was subsequently diagnosed with diffuse pleural thickening. His respiratory disability was assessed at 25%. Mr F instructed us to take on his case which was settled successfully for £30,000.