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Boyes Turner's specialist asbestos claims lawyers acted on behalf of Mr M, an 87 year old former engineer who was exposed to asbestos whilst at work.


Mr M was exposed to asbestos by his former employers, Buell Limited (formerly Buell Combustion and Buell (1952) Limited), Peabody Engineering (No 2), formerly Peabody Holmes Limited, Meadowhall (EAB) Limited, formerly Edgar Allen & Company Limited and LCL (Knightsbridge) Limited formerly Lodge Cottrell Limited.


In his work as a commissioning engineer at numerous sites including ships were he installed steam equipment, working closly with laggers who were mixing asbestos lagging and applying it to pipework in boilers. 


In 2014 Mr M began to experience shortness of breath and after seekings medical advice he was diagnosed with asbestosis which is a very specific condition that refers to fibrosis of the lungs caused from breathing in asbestos fibres.

It is usually individuals who have had significant exposure to asbestos, over several years, who go on to develop asbestosis. The effects normally appear 20 years or more after exposure. It can cause breathlessness and may become more severe over time.


Boyes Turner's specialist asbestos claims teams settled Mr M's claim for £25,000.