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Our client Yasmin* was found to be suffering from an abnormal heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation. It was decided that this could be treated with cardioversion (a procedure to shock the heart back in to the correct rhythm). Yasmin went ahead with this procedure, but the shocks were not delivered correctly. Her heart rhythm deteriorated immediately and despite extensive efforts, she could not be saved. 

Yasmin was a single mother of three children, one of whom, Ben*, remained living with her at that time. Ben went to live with his grandparents who have now assumed responsibility for him. 

Ben’s grandmother approached Boyes Turner, asking that we investigate the care Yasmin received. A supportive expert opinion was obtained from a Cardiologist who reported that the procedure had not be carried out correctly, and that if it had been, Yasmin would have survived. An Inquest subsequently took place and a representative from Boyes Turner attended to gather information for the purpose of the claim. 

The hospital subsequently accepted that the procedure had been performed negligently and that as a result Yasmin had suffered a cardiac arrest and died. 

A care expert was then instructed to help value the care Ben’s mother would otherwise have provided to him. It was also necessary to investigate Yasmin’s likely earnings, had she survived, so that Ben’s financial dependency on his mother could be assessed. 

Eventually the parties were able to agree a settlement figure of £200,000, subject to the approval of the Court which was required because Ben was under the age of 18. 

The £200,000 is designed to provide Ben with funds to assist with the cost of his care and  upbringing. It also covers miscellaneous expenses such as those relating to Yasmin’s funeral.