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Boyes Turner specialist spinal injury lawyers recently acted for a young passenger who was seriously injured when the sports car driven by her partner spun, overturned and collided with and demolished a tree a gate and two pillars.

The vehicle came to rest about two meters from the road’s edge- on its roof - trapping the occupants of the vehicle. The accident was caused by the negligent driving of the young woman’s partner who had been drinking. As a result of the accident the victim suffered serious spinal injuries.

She was admitted to hospital as an emergency and was found to have sustained lacerations to her face, a sub conjuctival haemorrhage, bilateral pneumothoraces right displaced traversed shaft of the humerous fracture, and multiple bruising to her hands. In addition she had fractures of C6, C7, T2 – T5, T8, T9, T11 and T12. She underwent suture of her lacerations and plating of her right humeral shaft. She was placed in a neck brace and body brace to keep her spine stable.

Following the accident she suffered continuing pain in her back and had to undergo a revision operation to remove a plate from her right arm. She also had double vision and a continuous flickering in her left eye.

She has suffered and continues to suffer from panic attacks and depression. She also suffers from considerable anxiety with regard to her facial scarring and has undergone surgery to remove glass from her face. She found it difficult to maintain a job and found she could not concentrate for long periods of time.

Expert medical reports were obtained from a number of experts and disciplines in view of the complexity of the claimant’s spinal injuries and the reports were sent to the defendant insurers with full details of the victim’s claims for losses and pain and suffering. After some months of negotiation the claim was settled for £160,000.