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We acted on behalf of a road traffic accident claim for a cyclist, Vicky*, who was travelling home from her place of work when, as she approached the roundabout on Richfield Avenue, Reading at the junction with Tessa Road intending to pass straight across it and to exit at the access to the Rivermead Leisure Centre, she was struck by a vehicle who knocked her from her bike and she sustained serious injuries. 

As a result of the accident, Vicky suffered a skull fracture, injuries to her chest and spleen and facial injuries including a broken nose, hearing loss, tinnitus, and fractured ribs. She required extensive treatment, her injuries were not easy to overcome and Vicky suffered from difficulties in pain management and depression as well as continuing symptoms with her right wrist, neck, teeth and hearing loss.

Vicky tried very hard to return to her previous job as an editorial assistant at a local newspaper but she found the job very tiring as a result of her injuries and eventually felt obliged to apply for voluntary redundancy when it was offered. She subsequently set up her own catering business but her injuries prevented her from taking the venture forwards as she would have done had the accident never occurred and her earning capacity remained limited. Her claim therefore included an element for future loss of earnings and reflected her continuing limitations in terms of future employment opportunities.

She requires ongoing assistance with heavier domestic chores and lifting and this includes DIY and gardening which Vicky had enjoyed prior to the accident. She was also unable to resume her pre-accident hobbies of dancing and cycling and has had limited success with card making, reading and watching TV.

Court proceedings were issued but the claim settled out of court for £145,000.