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Written by Ruth Meyer

Yvonne* is a young adult who suffered severe brain damage at birth resulting in dystonic tetraplegic cerebral palsy. She lives with her mother, step-father and two younger brothers. Her mother is her primary carer and has been for all of her life.     

A case was brought against the health authority and an award was made of £2.5 million, including annual payments to be made for the rest of Yvonne’s life. Ruth Meyer is the professional Deputy who works closely with the family to ensure Yvonne’s best interests are met.

Yvonne lives with her family and her funds are used to provide for her care, therapies and education. She attends a specialist school for the disabled which is funded by the local authority. She expects to remain at the school until she is at least 21 years of age.

Yvonne has no contact with her father since she was born and once she reached the age of 18, Ruth applied to the Court of Protection for a statutory will to be signed on Yvonne’s behalf. This will ensure that on her death, the majority of Yvonne’s estate will pass to her mother, who has devoted herself to Yvonne’s care and the balance to other close family members.

An application was also made to exclude her father from the Will and as we were unable to trace him, this application was successful. A statutory will is something that should be considered by all Deputies of teenage children who have significant funds and particularly where one parent has not had any involvement in their child’s upbringing.

*All names have been changed for client privacy.

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