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Michael* is a 65 year old man who has learning difficulties. Several years ago, the taxi he was travelling in was involved in an accident. MW was taken to hospital but almost immediately discharged after the hospital had failed to diagnose a broken neck. 

Michael had lived all of his life in a rural cottage and his life was suddenly turned upside down. He spent many months in hospital followed by an inappropriate nursing home for people with dementia (which he did not have). Solicitors sued both the taxi company and the hospital before obtaining an award of £1,040,000 and annual payments of £280,000. 

Ruth Meyer has been appointed as a professional Deputy after the local authority confirmed that they were unable to continue to act and a 24 hour care package has been put in place so that Michael can return to his home. Michael is beginning to enjoy life again and travels on holiday with his care team in his newly adapted vehicle each year.