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Jamie* is a young adult who has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy as a result of medical negligence at the time of his birth. A case was brought against the health authority and a lump sum award of £1.2 million was obtained. Ruth was appointed as professional Deputy to manage his fund and ensure Jamie’s best interests are met.

Jamie now lives at a residential home funded by the local authority and his funds are used to provide for his care, therapies and equipment. Originally Jamie’s residential placement was paid for from his award but once he attained the age of 18 we applied for statutory funding. As an adult who will never be able to work, Jamie is entitled to certain state benefits, which Ruth has claimed on his behalf. It is part of a Deputy’s duty to review benefits annually and claim anything to which they are entitled.

Now that Jamie is over the age of 18, Ruth Meyer has applied to the Court of Protection for a statutory will to be signed on Jamie’s behalf to ensure that on his death, his estate will be divided between Jamie’s parents and a number of charities that support young people with cerebral palsy. A statutory will is something that should be considered by all Deputies of teenage children who have significant funds.