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Anthony* is now in his twenties but at the age of 3 he developed an illness, which was not treated properly. His injuries resulted in profound and multiple learning difficulties, epilepsy, blindness and he requires 24 hour care.

We acted on behalf of Anthony in a medical negligence case against the health authority and a lump sum award of £1.5 million was obtained. This included annual payments to be made for the rest of Anthony’s life. Ruth Meyer was appointed as Anthony’s professional Deputy and she works closely with the family to ensure Anthony’s best interests are met.

Anthony now lives at a specialist residential centre and his funds are used to provide for his care, therapies and education. Items to assist Anthony, such an iPad, have been provided using his funds.

The dynamics of Anthony’s family are complicated so Ruth applied to the Court of Protection for a statutory will to be signed on Anthony’s behalf. Anthony’s father had very limited involvement with him and an application to exclude him from the will was successful. The statutory will now ensures that on his death, his estate will pass to his closest family members. A statutory will is something that should be considered by all Deputies of teenage children who have significant funds.