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Our asbestos claims lawyers were instructed by Mr D, a plumber who had been diagnosed with pleural thickening

Boyes Turner took a detailed statement regarding his employment history. Mr D was exposed when he worked for a company called AL Etheridge based in New Cross, Bermondsey.

Mr D travelled all over London and the south east working at shoe shops in conjunction with the firm’s carpenters. Mr D did any necessary plumbing work in the shops. The carpenters were building racks in the stockrooms. At the end of each rack asbestos sheeting was fixed to the rack. Mr D and a labourer using hand saws cut sheet after sheet of asbestos in order to be fitted to the end of the racks. Mr D also used a hand drill and drilled through the asbestos so that the screws could pass through the asbestos into the rack support.

Another contract Mr D worked on for AL Etheridge was the Russell Hotel at Holborn and the Morton Hotel near Euston Square. Here Mr D made fire doors. This involved cutting asbestos sheets to size using a hand saw and fixing the asbestos sheets to all the doors in the hotels.

The claim was successfully negotiated before court proceedings were issued.