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Written by Melloney Harbutt

Mr Z contacted Boyes Turner’s specialist asbestos claims team in May 2017 following his diagnosis of mesothelioma earlier that month. His diagnosis came about after investigations for breathing difficulties revealed mesothelioma. Fluid was drained from his lungs and a talc pleurodesis performed.

Mr Z’s only known asbestos exposure was during his 33 year employment with St Albans Rubber Company Limited, commencing in 1961. Over the years he worked in every department and the factory had changed a lot during his employment to keep up with market developments. 

The factory had an array of steam pipes which were lagged with asbestos, applied in the form of preformed sections and paste. When pipes leaked, engineers stripped the asbestos lagging from the pipes, creating dust and debris. This was left lying around and trodden through. Lagging was also renewed as necessary, and when machinery was moved, as happened frequently due to the layout changes, asbestos lagging had to be removed and reapplied. The factory partitions also contained asbestos and would be broken down during changes to the layout.

Mr Z also assisted when the factory closed and relocated to Newcastle. The closure involved removing all machinery and pipework, thereby disturbing asbestos. Although involved at this stage in a supervisory role, Mr Z was present during the work.

Over the years, Mr Z, therefore, had repeated exposure to asbestos during his employment with St Albans Rubber.

After being instructed, Melloney Harbutt went to see Mr Z and his wife to take instructions, following which further witness evidence was obtained from independent witnesses. Medical records and supportive medical evidence were obtained. We served the supportive medical evidence on the defendant’s co-ordinating insurer representative, and secured an interim payment, following which final settlement was agreed in the gross sum of just under £190,000, such agreement being reached within 6 months of Mr Z’s diagnosis.

Melloney is delighted that following the swift settlement of his claim, Mr Z will be able to use the money whilst he remains well enough to benefit from it by purchasing any aids and adjustments which are necessary for him. 

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*Client name changed for anonymity