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Written on 16th June 2020 by Melloney Harbutt

Julie* sustained multiple injuries in an accident in September 2018. She was a pedestrian walking along a pavement when she was hit by a car, driven by the defendant driver, which had mounted the kerb and hit a bollard. The bollard and car ended up colliding with Julie, knocking her over and badly injuring her.

Julie suffered a dislocated left kneecap and a soft tissue injury to her left ankle. She also suffered injuries to her foot, arm and hand. Due to the laceration to her arm she has residual scarring to the upper left part of her arm. She was taken to hospital by ambulance following the accident.

Following his arrest, the driver failed a roadside drug test and alcohol was also found in his blood system. He was convicted following a guilty plea and was fined and disqualified from driving for 12 months as a result of the accident.

Julie was due to have planned surgery on her right hip soon after the accident and that operation had to be delayed as a result. The hip surgery finally took place 6 months later, meaning that she suffered the inconvenience, stress and ongoing hip pain caused by the delayed surgery in addition to the pain and suffering from the injuries sustained in the accident.

We were instructed by Julie to deal with her compensation claim and obtained an informal acceptance of liability from the driver’s insurers, enabling us to focus on obtaining medical evidence to support the injuries she had suffered and the financial losses incurred as a result.

Julie suffered multiple injuries as follows:

  • Her main injury was to her left patella, a dislocation and soft tissue ligament injury.  She was left with nuisance symptoms from this knee injury;
  • A soft tissue injury to her left ankle;
  • A laceration to her left arm causing a permanent scar not amenable to plastic surgery;
  • Nuisance symptoms in her arm likely to resolve; 
  • She was also left her with some weakness in her knee which was expected to resolve. 

In addition to compensation for the injuries sustained, we also included in her claim the cost of private treatment and her employers’ subrogated claim, as she had suffered no loss of earnings despite her absence from work following the accident.

satisfactory settlement was agreed with the driver’s insurers and we are delighted to have successfully concluded this claim for Julie and that she can now put the accident fully behind her.

Julie said:

“I really appreciate the friendly, efficient and supportive nature of the solicitor. I would also like to express my thanks to you for your dedication in chasing the defendants insurance company especially where COVID-19 made an impact.”

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*The name of our client has been changed in this case study.