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Our specialist mesothelioma claims team recovered over £315,000 for Mr S who developed mesothelioma at the age of 78 following his exposure to asbestos whilst working as a power station engineer. 

He worked in the power industry the whole of his working life from the age of 15 in 1949 until he retired in 1991. The claim was settled by E.ON UK Plc which carried the liabilities of the CEGB and, pre nationalisation, the British Electricity Authority.

In his early career Mr S had worked at Bow, Barking A, B and C and Blackwall Point Power Stations which he described as large, old, dirty and dusty. He spent large parts of his working days in the Turbine Halls and Boiler Houses where he was often nearby laggers mixing up asbestos lagging and the air was laden with dust which accumulated on the girders and other surfaces.

Liability was not disputed and the claim was settled soon after court proceedings were started and during the lifetime of Mr S.