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Boyes Turner LLP were instructed by Mr S following his diagnosis of mesothelioma, a terminal asbestos related disease.

Mr S’s employment history

Mr S was employed as an industrial craftsman and bricklayer and worked for the Ministry of Justice at Hollesley Bay Prison and Warren Hill Prison.

Mr S worked for the prison service for 29 years and was awarded an Imperial Service Medal on leaving the prison service. 

Mr S regularly came in to contact with asbestos when working in the prisoners accommodations/cells when the prisoners smashed asbestos ceiling panels which he would have to repair.

Mr S was also exposed to asbestos when assisting in an extension of the prison boiler house which had asbestos lagged pipes within it that needed removing and then replacing.

Sadly following Mr S’ long employment history he was struck ill during his long awaited retirement with symptoms of breathlessness on exertion and chest pain. Mr S was soon diagnosed with mesothelioma, a terminal asbestos related disease.

Boyes Turner’s investigation of the claim

Mr S decided to contact Boyes Turner after reading about their specialism in pursuing claims for asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma.

Boyes Turner, a firm committed to obtaining justice for mesothelioma victims decided to investigate Mr S’ claim in an attempt to obtain justice and much needed compensation for Mr S and his family.

It transpired that it was known to the prison service that Mr S’ workplace contained harmful asbestos, yet he was still allowed to work with it without any precautionary measures being put in to place to protect him and no personal protective equipment being provided to him.

Mr S’ legal claim

Boyes Turner sent a full letter of claim to the Ministry of Justice (“the defendant”) setting out various allegations of negligence and requesting that the defendant admit liability for Mr D’s asbestos related disease.

The defendant completely refused to acknowledge the claim despite many chaser letters, emails and telephone calls.

As a result proceedings were issued and served in the Royal Courts of Justice on Mr S’ behalf.

On proceedings being served, the defendant served a formal defence denying liability in full for Mr S’ mesothelioma despite the fact that Boyes Turner had disclosed official documents confirming the presence of asbestos in Mr S’ workplace.

The claim was then listed for a specialist show cause court hearing to determine the issue of liability. The defendant had little chance of successfully showing cause and therefore just two days before the hearing the defendant decided to settle Mr S’ claim with him in full.

Mr S’ comments

Mrs S was delighted with the fact that Boyes Turner had managed to settle his claim without the need for a full trial and that he would now be compensated for his mesothelioma.

Boyes Turner’s specialist asbestos disease lawyers

Boyes Turner are one of the largest legal services providers in the Thames Valley and operate one of the largest specialist industrial disease teams in the country.

Boyes Turner pride themselves on being able to take on the cases that other lawyers deem to have a lack of prospects and in being able to succeed where others have failed. The success in cases like Mr S’ conforms with Boyes Turners ethos of obtaining justice for mesothelioma victims and ensuring asbestos victims and their families are properly compensated.